Tennis courts, tennis schools, tennis clubs Belgrade

Address: nn Dr. Ivana Ribara st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 064/113-26-89, 060/013-2689

4/ 5stars

Tk Winner behind Block 45 in New Belgrade at the tram and bus stops along the Sava embankment.

We have excellent conditions for the formation and training of the young champion every week for a pot bring the competition of 8 to 18 years.

Recreationists enjoy league competitions, which included nearly 30 participants over 35 years. The youngest ages enjoy the pool, swings and hanging out with Rafa (German Shepherd), we expect you to come and get acquainted tennis club near you.

Tennis school is very successful, and from it comes the next generation of young champions.

In winter, with four field passes to the balloon of the two courts and one court hall with pleasant heat in the winter.

It is the school enrollment of tennis, and the tennis camp will be organized in Turkey in Kemer Hotel Majestic Mirage of 06 July to 17 July

Information Phone 064/1132-689
Coaches who work in the club are John Gazo, Vladimir Zivkovic, Milos Ognjanović, Misha Draguljević and conditioning coach Srdjan Jovanovic.

Working time:
- Weekdays and weekends from 07 - 23 hours