Thermo technique Belgrade

Address: 72 Tetovska st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/2853-258, 2853-259, 4043-820, 4043-821, 4043-822
E-mail: office@wilo.rs
Website: www.wilo.rs

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WILO Beograd is a member of a large family - the company WILO A.G., which is the founder of WILO Beograd. WILO Beograd offers the complete production program of pumps and pump systems of its international home company, WILO. WILO production program consists of: WILO pumps for heating and sanitary warm water (WILO Star (E), Stratos, TOP (E), IL, BL) - WILO Pumps for water supply (WILO MHI(E), MVI(E), NP, TWU) - WILO package systems for water supply (WILO HMP, FMC, Rain System AF, Comfort CO/COR) - WILO Pumps for draining, waste/fecal water (WILO Drain TS, TP) - WILO package systems for draining of fecal waters (WILO Opti-Box KH, DrainLift M, WS, S, XXL) All WILO pumps are made out of top materials, for maximal demands and according to highest quality standards. Apart from the brand WILO, a part of the concern WILO AG is also the factory EMU with its own brand. EMU is a specialized factory for cold water systems, which includes water supply and draining of more or less polluted waste waters, intended for larger consumers. WILO Beograd, apart from its production program, as a daughter company, offers complete technical and marketing support, repair and storage, so that in any given moment, it is ready to meet the demands of the market in Serbia and Montenegro.