Tools and machines Belgrade

Address: 16/6 Surcinska st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/2260-135, 011/2260-137, 064/1456-194

4/ 5stars

Tool service shop Mitic has been known by excellent reputation and quality of work for several decades now. Guided by the older masters of the trade we continue our work with young and energetic additions to the team who fully benefit from that experience.

In our new location we've continued our activities for three years now, repairing and servicing tools from all world known manufacturers.

We built our image while learning from the best, passing on the knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Our experience and vast knowledge in this area of expertise are our best recommendation to anyone in search of the best skills in repairing the tools for their trade or hobby.

Come and see our skills yourself!