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The translation agency "Centar sveta prevodi" is located in Vozdovac at Ljermontova street in Belgrade. Our agency is the best choice when you need a high quality translation at affordable prices. Our team has years of experience and knowledge (around 9 years) in this line of work, allowing our clients to have their translations finished swiftly and reliably. Our team of lectors is in charge of checking all the translations we complete which is included in the price. In our work we place your satisfaction with our services first.

Court interpreter
Is a licensed individual who issues verified translations for documents and other texts with a seal that guarantees that the translation is completely and fully faithful to the original. This service involves translating and verifying said document with a court interpreter's seal.

In addition to professional documents, every day we translate documents such as:
- Court interpreter and translation of testimonies
- Court interpreter and translation of birth certificates
- Court interpreter and translation of of lack of criminal charges assurances
- Court interpreter and translation of police registers
- Court interpreter and translation of marital state certificates
- Court interpreter and translation of medical documents
- Court interpreter and translation of contrcts
- Court interpreter and translation of certificates
- Court interpreter and translation of registry entries
- Court interpreter and translation of authorization documents
- Court interpreter and translation of passports
- Court interpreter and translation of diplomas
- Apostille seals.


Translation and verification of legal documents from certified court interpreters. With our work we include areas such as:
Translation areas:
- Personal documents, business documents, presentations, brochures, contracts, legal documentation, court disputes, economy, accounting, trade, medicine, pharmacy, technology, electric technology, industry, construction, science, art, tourism, hosting, marketing, PR, real estates...

Non-certified translations

- These translations have no certified court interpreter seals. These translations can be done electronically via Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF and delivered as either data or physical copies.

We offer:
- Translations for representative material for fairs and exhibitions
- Translations for marketing texts
- Translations for business letters
- Translations for Powerpoint presentations
- Translations for documents for services and private matters

We also translate:
- Flyers
- Greeting cards
- Menus
- Tourist offers
- Hotel offers

Languages we work with:
Court interpreter for English
- Court interpreter for German
- Court interpreter for  French
- Court interpreter for Italian
- Court interpreter for Spanish
- Court interpreter for Russian
- Court interpreter for Greek
- Court interpreter for Slovenian
- Court interpreter for Macedonian
- Court interpreter for Croatian
- Court interpreter for Portugese
- Court interpreter for Albanian

With the desire to meet the needs of a huge number of our clients, our agency offers all our clients discounts for larger amounts of documents.

Translations and verifications, court interpreters in Belgrade.

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