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The Peptid-N company is the exclusive distributer of universal products based on Russian scientific technology which enable not only the increase of expectded lifespan for several tens of percentages as well as reduce the risk of malign diseases 3-5 times. This research has lasted for over 30 years and was based on tens of thousands of observed cases.

Life in the modern world is a huge strain on our organism. Until recently it seemed as though the youth is something passing and impossible to recover. 30 years ago we came up with a new method to increase your lifespan based on short proteins - peptides.

Peptides are short chains of aminoacids which are made in our own organism cells and so they can get inside the cells very quickly and regulate their metabolism. These peptids are present in large numbers, different for various organs and tissues.

Thanks to the achievements of NPCRIZ scientists we have truly unique peptid-based products, peptid bioregulators. They are able to restore the functionality of organs and systems of the organism and increase the active and healthy lifespan by 30-35%

In the last several years peptid bioregulators have been applied as age prevention for both healthy and the elderly. Applying a complex of several peptids can elongate your life expectancy to our species' latest expectancy.

The company Peptid-N offers a number of various peptid based products such as peptid bioregulators in capsuls, fluid peptid complexes and cellular-based cosmetics with Reviline peptids.

Our company also offers three generations of MEZOTELA for exterior use and diet supplements in capsules and tablets as well as oral care means Revidont.


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