Weapons, Hunting equipment Belgrade

Address: 20 Majke Jevrosime st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/3345-063, 3345-504

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The ARSENAL CO company was founded in 1994 and has since been working successfully as an importer and distributer of hunting equipment, army shop wear and miscellanea required for any kind of camping or outdoor stay, as well as weapons, ammunition, airsoft equipment, gun replicas, pyrotechnics and other similar products. Our main activity is wholesale as well as retail through a network of our retail objects in Belgrade, Cacak, Sombor, Smederevo and Sabac.

We would especially like to highlight:
Cyber-gun. A French product from the leading European manufacturer of weapon replicas. We currently offer the complete assortment of airsoft equipment, a developing sport in our region.
Lambro, Greece – the leading brand of hunting ammunition in South-Eastern Europe with a long tradition and experience in the hunting industry.
Carabinas Cometa – Spain, the renowned manufacturer of air guns and equipment who has been present in the market since 1874.
Delta Optical – Poland, renowned manufacturer of binoculars and other optical equipment
Rothco, USA – Mil-Tec – Germany – Patton – Italy – global brands for army wardrobe, footwear and miscellanea as well as camping and hiking equipment.
Cold steel, Gerber, Spyderco, Columbia River, Helle, Bucu – manufacturers of original knives, machetes and hunting and camping tools.
Balistol – Clever – a leading world brand of weapon maintenance products
Jorge Fireworks – Poland. A renowned manufacturer of high quality and maximum safety pyrotechnics, most present in the European market.

At our retail objects we also offer a large selection of other brands, making our offer even more diverse and suited to various needs and tastes. Among others, we offer flashlights (NexTorch i Mega Lite), optics (Bushnell i Leupold), hunting and carbine ammunition (Baschieri 8 fellagri, M90, Stepski soko, PPU...), weaponry (Bajkal) and many others.

At our store at 20 Majke Jevrosime street we also offer weapon commissions.

For our dear customers we also offer firework shows for all kinds of celebrations, festivities and public events.


CENTER, 20 Majke Jevrosime street, Phone: 011 3345063
ŽARKOVO, Trgovačka street (across from TC MONDO) Phone: 011 2398277


SABAC, 37 Pop Lukina Street, phone: 015 351119
CACAK, 61 Sindjeliceva street, Phone: 032 341127
SOMBOR, 3 Zlatne Grede street, Phone: 025 450095
SMEDEREVO, 47 16. Oktobra street, phone: 061 1474484