Address: 17 Pop Lukina st. // 32 Terazije st., Stari grad
Phone: 060/712-1278
E-mail: vera.mihailovic@yahoo.com
Website: www.kurs-knjigovodstva.com
KONTO NSV ACCOUNTING COURSE Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

KONTO NSV is a team of qualified personnel for bookkeeping led by a certified accountant and auditor - Vera Mihailovic.

We are located in the center of the city at 2 addresses: 17 Pop Lukina street near the APR's, and 32 Terazije square.

Our business range is very wide, ranging from founding companies to full service for entrepreneurs (STR, Komision, SUR, SZR, agencies, etc.) And legal entities (companies).

Our vision and mission is to provide a range of services in the field of accounting and consulting all the businesses whose business does not require an accountant employed full-time.

Our services:

* Establishment LLC (limited liability company)
* The opening of shops (lump sum taxation and record-keeping)
* Accounting and bookkeeping services
* Payroll and other employee benefits and founders
* Payments
* Tax Administration

Employees - Personnel

- Registration and check-out staff
- The regulation of the health insurance of employees and founders
- Calculation and certification of M-4 and registration seniority

We pay special attention to cooperation in the form of consulting. Your questions are welcome at any time, you can post inquiries at our Contact page, and we will respond as soon as possible.

In addition to the wide range of our services, and we are ready to transfer their knowledge. We organize courses for the initial accounting. The course consists of theoretical and practical work, with a total of 40 hours (for two months). For all successful participants we provide a certificate as well as an additional 5 hours of practical.

The course includes:

* Financial accounting
* Trade (edge) Accounting
* Material accounting
* Cash operations
* Tax records
* Financial reports

- For each student we provided a computer with application programs (financial, commercial, financial accounting and VAT records).

Classes are every Saturday for 5h. Each student who successfully completes the course receives a Certificate dodatnik and 5 hours of practical training.

- Course is taught by a Certified Public Accountant and Auditor Vera Mihailovic and her team.

Program instruction:

* Introduction, basic concepts of accounting (assets, liabilities, account, balance sheet, income statement). Basics of Accounting Act
* Chart of Accounts, chart of accounts, the concept of classes, groups, subgroups. Of accounts framework. The term analytics and synthetics
* Types of documents in the bookkeeping (POS document transfer order, payment order and payment, invoice, pro forma invoice, receipt, delivery note, credit note, debit memo). The main elements of documentation in the bookkeeping
* Calculation of salary (with all the postings and the accompanying forms OPJ and OD)
* Posting incoming invoices with creating calculations wholesale and retail trade, with examples from the practice in the original documentation
* Leveling price, internal movement of goods, the calculation of the cost of goods sold
* Prepayment accounts, posting of invoices received and issued the advance payment, invoicing related to advances and posting of invoices with booking of advance payment
* Posting of invoices, with practical examples, the original documents.
* Calculation of VAT, posting VAT, making tax returns PPPDV
* Utility books (books of invoices received (KPR), a book of issued invoices (KIR), and others.

Internal movement of goods (transfer of goods from warehouses in wholesale and retail trade, transfer of goods from wholesale to retail)

* The calculation of depreciation, the accounting and tax depreciation
* Bank Reconciliation
* Preparation of final accounts, balance sheet, income statement, static Annex

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