ENT Belgrade

Address: 6 Stevana Brakusa st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 063/8949-939, 011/7570-083
Website: www.orlmilicevic.rs

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Specialist clinic for diseases of the ear, nose and throat "Orl Milicevic" is located on Ban hill, Stanko center, street Stevan Brakusa no sixth
From their official website (www.orlmilicevic.rs) convey the following messages and notifications:

* Our goal is to get out of our offices with the conviction that you understand the way in which the roads and removal of your disease.

* Our goal is to kindness, dedication and results of treatment gain your trust and earn that you send to our address neighbors and relatives who have some health problems.

* Our aim is honest and professional work and a smile on his face when they accidentally meet.

Treatment of otolaryngologists in our office include:

- A history of or talk about problems
- Classical clinical examination
- Tympanometry (measurement of mobility of the eardrum and ossicles)
- Audiometry (measurement of hearing loss)
- Caloric test (so-response evaluation, the center of gravity to the stimulus)
- Rinomanometriju (measurement of the flow of air through the nose)
- Determining the percentage of hearing impairment and adjustment (fitting) hearing aid
- Instillation of drugs into the middle ear
- The burning of blood vessels in the nose
- Aspiration of secretions from the nose and sinuses (precovanje)
- Wash wax and aspiration of secretions from the ear
- Allergy tests with standard inhalant allergens
- Surgical removal of tumor lesions of the skin of the nose and cheeks
- Extraction of foreign bodies of the ear, nose and throat
- Microbiological diagnosis (swabs)
- Foniatric rehabilitation
- Treatment of diseases of salivary glands
- Treatment of aphthous changes in the oral cavity and throat
- Surgical treatment of complications of acute pharyngitis (abscesses of the mouth and throat)

Specialist clinic Milicevic (Dusica and Srdjan) started its operations in 2015.

MSc. med. Dr Srdjan Milicevic

Srdjan Milicevic was born in 1966 year. Stolac (BiH). The Medical Faculty in Sarajevo in 1992, and specialized in otolaryngology in Belgrade in 1999 year. He worked as a specialist in the General Hospital in Kotor, KC "Montenegro" in Podgorica, VMC Novi Beograd, since 2003. in KBC "Zemun". Master's degree in 2009 with the theme "Assessment of damage and the possibility of rehabilitation of olfactory function after total laryngectomy."

Dr Dusica Milicevic

Thyme Milicevic was born in 1969 in Cacak. School of Medicine, ended in 1994. in Belgrade, and specialization in otolaryngology year 2000. also in Belgrade. She worked at the General Hospital in Cacak, in KC "Montenegro" in Podgorica, and since 2002 in the National Assembly "Zemun".