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Aluminium, Polyvinyl (p.v.c.) Belgrade

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The Sted Commerce company deals with manufacturing and installing of PVC and aluminum joinery since 1995. In our production program we have known world profile manufacturer elements, and elements for aluminum and PVC joinery. PROFILES ? Three-chambered profiles The main difference between three-chambered and five-chambered profiles is heat and sound isolation. What they have in common, is the steel basis, which makes the windows tough and stabile. The profiles are neatly designed, and care was given also to the water draining from the glass. The draining canals are located in the first chamber from the outer side. ? Five-chambered profiles As well as the three-chambered profiles, the five-chambered profiles have a steel basis which gives firmness to the windows. In our production program the representation of these profiles is large, and the pleasure of our clients is unhidden. OTHER ELEMENTS - Mounting The mounting enables us to open the windows both horizontally and vertically and its quality determines how long we will be able to do that. The materials used for the manufacturing of locks, hinges and other elements are diverse, and therefore the price and lifetime of those elements varies. Aside from lasting, the mountings must also fulfill safety standards. - Glass We give great importance to this element. We use Italian thermo-pan thickness 4 and 6mm, with the distance of 12, 18 and 20mm. Types: - Flot (regular), - Stopsol (blue, green, brown) - Parsol - Sanded - Mat BLINDS Wanting to give you full service, we also offer manufacturing of blinds for windows, doors and terraces. All metal parts are plastificated. The blinds can be we a motor, or manual mechanism for lifting and lowering. Aside from sun protection, and in the winter from snow and frost, they also protect from noise. They are good sound isolators. SAFETY DOORS Steel safety doors- Sized 960 x 2050mm ? plastificated hurdle ? Wide-degreed spy-hole (180 degrees) - Massive shackles Safety lock - On seven points - five on the frontal side, one on the upper and one on the lowers side of the door - the outside handle is totally unusable without a key.