Arabic cuisine Belgrade

Address: 32 Nemanjina street, (previous address 37 Svetozara Markovica street), Slavia
Belgrade Phone: 011/3640-142, 065/3555-725

4.5/ 5stars

Shawarma bar, Arab fast food restaurant began work over 5 years ago at 37 Svetozara Markovica street.

In June 2016 we moved from that location to 32 Nemanjina street, also located in Slavia and continue to work only on this address today.

Our numbers remained the same:


This is how it all began>

In July 2011 original shawarma, hummus and falafel began to appear in Belgrade from countries such as Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

Shawarma bar soon began to stand out in the offer of Belgrade fast food restaurants with its authentic taste of its namesake specialties but also hummus falafel and other specialties. We offer our customers a unique blend of recognisable flavor and services.

The name shawarma with its difficult pronounciation and then with its appearance, comparable to the Greek gyros has become synonimous for delicious chicken and veal flavored with many spices.

Afterwards falafel - this unique little dumpling became the ruler of Arab cuisine. In delicious sauce we mix chickpeas, various vegetables and again many different spices.

In the meantime another delicious dumpling called KUBE appeared, made of beef, walnuts and burgul grains.

Shawarma bar has over its five years of existing been invited and participated in many different manifestations such as: African art day, various fairs, charity embassy bazaar, foreign colleges as well as sponsoring a movie, Bitef festival and much more.

In our pleasant establishment you can sit down to rest, eat or enjoy our coffee, Arabian coffee, teas, squeezed juice and everything anyone might want for takeaway.

Come, try and share with us your impressions!

Good eating from your Shawarma bar!