Art ateliers Belgrade

Address: 4 Kosancicev venac st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 064/4399-203, 063/300-170
E-mail: atelje.minic@gmail.com

4/ 5stars

Iconographic Atelier Minic as the first registered iconography workshop was founded by Matej Mato Minic in 1977 in Belgrade.

We work in production and sales of icons for slava days, iconostasis and painting churches.

In addition to many small-format icons we also make large format icons which we have made for over 35 iconostasis around Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, Austria, Germany, England, Canada and America. In addition to this we have also created frescoes in over 40 churches in our country and abroad.

For all those in search of the best quality icons, Iconography studio Atelier Minic is the best choice for you.

4 Kosancicev Venac street
Phone: 063/300-170; 064/4399-203
email: atelje.minic@gmail.com
facebook: Ikonografski Atelje Minic