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Prayers begin where our human abilities end.

Global research shows that it’s the most effective of all alternative methods.

We would like to remind people of the simpler methods they can use to help themselves at any given time.

Prayer is one of them.

Mrs. Celeste Croxton taught at the Boston University as a psychiatry professor in 1980. Through years of practice in a psychiatric clinic she noted the benefits that prayer had on her patients.

In 1985 she arrived to Paris where she started her prayer healing clinic (Metro viliers 75017 Paris). She had many clients from bankers to poor people in all areas of psychological and physical condition. She was there to lift their morale, restore their hope, their spirits, improve all that’s needed when it comes to day to day life.

Mrs. Celeste Croxton has gotten many awards for her accomplishments.

Mrs. Croxton claims that she isn’t doing anything and that it’s all up to God, but that she helps explain to patients that they should accept the peace and love that God wants to give us all. We are only there to receive it and she prays to God in her own way for us. In many cases God helps the sick just like they asked.

Today she lives in Belgrade and wants to help people in need.

Prayer from the heart
Prayer and meditation stabilize the blood pressure, breathing, heartbeat and slow the brain waves, provide relaxation, strengthen immunity, lower cholesterol. All other body systems react positively.

Does prayer have healing properties?
Scientists have reached some conclusions that will give pause even to the diehard atheists: prayer heals. It’s especially useful for those suffering from deep depression and from manic-depressive psychosis.

Healing power of prayer has been known since ancient times. We all know the feeling of peace and contentment after visiting the church or lighting candles for the health of our loved ones. Recently scientists also studied this phenomenon and the results they found will probably give pause to even the most self-assured atheists.

This question has been studied from various viewpoints in the East and West and the conclusion has been the same: prayer heals.

The scientists of the clinical research institute Duke in North Carolina invited several priests, nuns and monks from various religious communities to pray for 700 patients who suffered from various diseases. For a few days the doctors monitored the condition of the patients and, when the experiment was completed, the notes were passed to the experts. Professor Michel Kruschoff stated the following results: 500 patients have thanks to prayers improved their healing rate by up to 93%. I don’t know the reason for this, I can only assume that the divine words of both the priests and the patients themselves had beneficial effects on the heart rate of the patients. It’s known that the person who is praying is fully focused on speaking to the Lord which probably leads to normalizing many processes in the organism that we have yet to study, Kruschoff explains.

The Russians have gone even further: they proved that prayer kills harmful bacteria, not only in the human body, but in water as well.
I have tested the effects of prayer and the Orthodox cross on pathogenic bacteria. We took water samples from wells, rivers and lakes that contained escherichia, e coli and the golden Staphylococcus. If you say a prayer above the water and cross it with a cross, the amount of harmful bacteria is reduced by almost 100 percent, claims Angelina Malahovskaya, an engineer of electro physics from Sankt Petersburg.

The chief of Laboratory for neuro and psycho physiology at the Institute of psychoneurology “V.M. Behterev” in Sankt Petersburg is responsible for another piece of proof for the strength of prayer. Many psychiatrists and neurologists know, from a rational standpoint, of the phenomenon of patients’ distress lessening after prayer and patients who are considered beyond help getting better, Slezin reminds.

My colleagues have long since experimented and established that saying prayers helps people who are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes: in a few minutes the cholesterol blood level is lowered and the processes and exchanges are normalized – says Igor Bragin, a doctor of medicine. Prayer is especially useful for those suffering from deep depression and manic-depressive psychosis. The more severe the illness is, more frequently we turn to God for help.

The usual brain impulse frequencies for an adult human in their waking state ranges between 9 and 10 hertz which is within the alpha and beta wave domain. However, when our test subjects were praying, their frequencies were slowed to a total of three hertz. These frequencies are called ‘delta waves’ and only occur in adults during deepest, dreamless slumber. Only babies exhibit these waves in their waking state. What’s interesting is that certain frequencies in the delta spectrum trigger the growth hormone which is especially important for regenerating the organism and healing process.

The psychotherapist Georgij Pagodin believes that all diseases come from – fear:
The famous French researcher Alen Bombar has proven that shipwrecked people die not because they don’t have food and water, but because of fear. Bombar spent almost two months sailing the ocean on a raft and survived thanks to the fact that he defeated fear. This is the same reason why when it comes to people suffering from terminal cancer, faithful people survive up to 5 years longer than atheists. They pray to eliminate their fears, understand that the world is mortal and temporary, understand true values, calm down and elevate their immunity.



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