Attractions New Belgrade

Belgrade Confluence

The confluence of the rivers Sava and Belgrade belongs to the New Belgrade district. It is a green area of the city where popular events like concerts, festivals, car-races and such are often held. Th...
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Belgrade’s Western Gate

The western gate is the popular name for the “Genex” tower, a skyscraper consisting of about 35 floors located in the National hero street in New Belgrade. The construction project author was the arch...
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Contemporary Art Museum in Belgrade

The idea of founding the museum originated in 1958, from the edict of the national culture association of Belgrade and the decision to organize a modern gallery which would keep track of the developme...
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Old Fair Grounds

This is where the camp “Sajmiste” (fair grounds) was once located, in the left bank of Sava, next to the Sava bridge and where the First Belgrade fair was opened on 11th of September 1937.The original...
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