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Address: 101 Cvijiceva, Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 061/210-2741 // 064/467-9275

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Bratuljevic Bakery is located at the corner of Cvijiceva and Bistrica streets. At this location, a bakery, we started with the work of 2011. I work as a baker 26 years. I try not to interfere with their knowledge of all our products, which are prepared in a natural way without the use of additives and artificial colors. We are very care about your suggestions, praise us first criticism we stimulate the harder we work to make you satisfied.

We are passionate about our bakery is your good habits.

We work orders for all products, catering, cakes of all shapes and sizes, for larger amounts of home delivery.

Hunting bread
Hunting bread is made according to traditional recipes. In its manufacture uses five types of grains: millet, wheat, barley, oats and rye. Suitable for all which is imperative for a healthy lifestyle and want to enjoy a unique full flavor. Bread is further littered with flax seeds and sesame seeds, which are rich in dietary fiber, providing a feeling of fullness and give this bread taste to remember. For those who are looking for the ideal supplement the main course, bread Hunting is the right choice. Great combined with red meat dishes, and strong, spicy meals.

Black Forest Cake
There mnogooo recipe for this cake, all consist essentially of three basic ingredients that characterize this beautiful classic -
chocolate, cherries and cream. Every part of this cake is special, a bit different than the other recipes that you can
found, but the end result is what overshadow all ...

We would also like to highlight:

- Bread
- Wholewheat and white pastries
- Pies
- Pizzas
- Sandwiches
- Sweet program