Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Address: 189 Ustanicka st., Konjarnik
Belgrade Phone: 011/3474-310, 064/126-90-53
E-mail: korduno@gmail.com

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Accountancy Kordun

Kordun Company Ltd. is registered 1993 for accounting services and operates a very successful, with a constant increase in the number of clients both domestic and foreign.

In the registered service performs the following tasks:
- Bookkeeping by double entry system or a simple method of accounting for companies and entrepreneurs
- Preparation of final accounts
- Representation before the authorities of tax administration, tax audits, etc.
- Payroll and making m4 form
- Support the registration and cancellation of workers
- Payment transactions
- Calculation of travel costs at home and abroad
- Foreign Exchange
- Financial consulting services
- Development of other financial reports requested by the client
- Expert Tips
- Assistance in business
- Assist in the registration of mar-

for lump sum taxable entrepreneurs:
- We KPO book
- We perform the calculation of earnings
- Application-out workers
- Others as needed

Treat yourself and you quality and professional bookkeeping.