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Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Useful information

Bookkeeping agency “Ofis Konto” is located in New Belgrade at 150 Gandhi street in Belgrade.

After years of experience we provide reliable bookkeeping services as well as engineering and consultations.

Current affairs:

- Bookkeeping for Italian companies
- Bookkeeping for German companies
- Bookkeeping for Bulgarian companies
- Bookkeeping for Chinese companies

We are at the service of companies, businesses, non-profit organizations with the highest degree of professionalism and expertise in our work.

With our knowledge and years of experience we guarantee you for the quality of our services.

The goal of our work is to allow you to work more easily and successfully, through a respectful partnership.

The domain of our “Ofis Konto” bookkeeping agency relates to:
- Business bookkeeping for companies
- Business bookkeeping for businesses
- Dual bookkeeping for businesses
- Paycheck accounts and employee fees
- Travel expenses accounts in our country and abroad
- Tax accounts
- Currency accounts
- Bookkeeping for VAT tax records
- Working with tax management officials
- Creating financial reports

In accordance with the valid legislations, our bookkeeping company “Ofis Konto” will make sure to finish all services you need in the agreed upon deadlines.

With the desire of elevating your business to an enviable level and enable you to successfully do business and achieve your goals, we do our best to follow all trends and legislation changes and notify you of them on time.

Among other services that our bookkeeping agency “Ofis Konto” offers, there are:  

- creating all other financial reports per clients’ request
- consultation and advice
- APR registration
- performing status changes in APR
- creating all other types of financial reports per clients’ demand
- registering and unregistering workers
- preparing and processing paperwork for clients applying for bank credit
- all accompanying legal services that the client wants

Bookkeeping for companies and businesses as well as dual bookkeeping for businesses, creating financial reports. Our agency will satisfy any efficiency and precision criteria.

We work to earn the trust you’ve shown us.



OFIS KONTO Book-keeping agencies Beograd
OFIS KONTO Book-keeping agencies Beograd
OFIS KONTO Book-keeping agencies Beograd