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Boutiques Belgrade
  • Address: 27h Filipa Visnjica st., Zemun
  • Phone: 060/164-0519

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Useful information

Betty Boop Dreams is located in Zemun and offers a wide selection of men and women’s laundry, socks and night gowns. We try to carefully select every piece of wardrobe, taking care to maintain affordable prices.

A broad assortment of various wardrobe, men and women’s laundry, socks, gives ladies the chance to easily select their ideal outfit. With the desire that both the kids and their moms are well-dressed we offer tights for adults, women’s stockings, underwear and night gowns.

We’d like to highlight our following products:

For kids
- Leotards
- Sets
- Underwear

For ladies
- Dresses for the modern woman
- Tights
- T-shirts
- Bras
- Underwear and socks for women
- Pajama and night gowns for women
- Jewelry

For men
- Underwear

Thanks to our highest quality materials and modern design, our clothes can satisfy all your needs. Whether you need high quality wardrobe for every day, find everything you need at our store to dress your kid or yourself in the latest fashion.

Our kind and professional staff at Betty Boop Dreams is always there to give you all the necessary help when selecting your ideal clothes for you and your loved ones. In addition to affordable prices, we also allow for delayed payments using citizen checks.

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BETTY BOOP DREAMS Boutiques Beograd
BETTY BOOP DREAMS Boutiques Beograd
BETTY BOOP DREAMS Boutiques Beograd