Butchers, meat products Belgrade

Address: 1a Geteova st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 064/291-6798

4.5/ 5stars

A large selection of fresh meats and meat products.

Working hours:
- every day, 8AM - 10PM

Cevaps 1kg/690din
Patty 1kg/690din
Stuffed patty 1kg/730din
Gourmet patty 1kg/730din 
Gourmet cevaps 1kg/730din
Rolled cevaps 1kg/730din 
Fresh sausages 1kg/690din 
Smoked sausage 1kg/690din 
Chicken drumstick 1kg/690din 
Chicken fillet 1kg/750din 
Smoked chicken shishkebab 1kg/750din 
Stuffed fillet with sauce 1kg/800din 
Stuffed drumstick with sauce 1kg/800din
Rolled chicken liver 1kg/680din 
Smoked batal 1kg/780din
White hanger 1kg/880din
Stuffed hanger in sauce 1kg/880din 
Pork neck 1kg/750din 
Pork chops 1kg/750din 
Smoked hanger 1kg/960din 
Chicken wings 1kg/420din 
Pork chops 1kg/750din 
Fresh barbecue 1kg/500din 
Mixed meats 1kg/780din 
Mix (cevap, drumstick, hanger) 1kg/690din 
Homemade bacon 1kg/750din
French fries 1kg/400din 
Flatbread (kom)30din
"Cudesa" meal (patty 150gr, fries 200g, Coca Cola 0.33)  250din
Home-made meal for four
- 1kg barbecue (cevaps 250gr, sausage 250gr, chicken drumstick 250gr, chicken breast 250gr )
- 4 somun bread
- season salad
Mixed meat (hanger, cevaps, fillet, sausage, drumstick)  780din
Mix 1kg (cevaps, drumstick, sausage)  690din
Family lunch (cevaps 250gr, sausage 250gr, chicken drumstick 250gr, chicken breast 250gr, season salad )  990din
Patty 200g + flatbread  170din
Patty 250g + flatbread  200din
Patty 300g + flatbread  240din
Patty 400g + flatbread  305din
Gourmet patty 250g + flatbread  210din
Gourmet patty 500g + flatbread  395din
Stuffed patty 250g+ flatbread  210din
Cevaps 250g + patty  200din
Gourmet cevaps 250g + flatbread  210din
Rolled cevaps 250g + flatbread  210din