Butchers, meat products


  • Address: 1 Djure Stojkovica st., Vinca, Grocka
  • Phone: +381 63 340 121, +381 11 8066 469
  • Butchery - Restaurant “LOVAC”  Our offer includes the highest quality charcoal-grilled barbecue with 10 years of tradition. Our many satisfied customers can testify to that.  Our offer includes: ...
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Zivojin Zika Petrovic: The Basement Innovator

Zivojin Zika Petrovic has been a proper ‘wiz’ in electronics since an early age, a radio amateur and enamored with innovation. Over a decade ago, he started the Serbian science television, today known...
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The five 'Star's Stars'

Soccer club Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) has had the tradition of bestowing the title of 'Stars star" to the players who greatly influenced the club's history and who made the club famous around the world...
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How the janissaries killed the mother of Serbs

Hadji Mustafa Sinik-oglu who was the vizier of Belgrade between 1893 to 1801 was the fiercest opponent of the janissaries and fought against their return to power in Belgrade and Constantinople. Namel...
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