Butchers, meat products Belgrade

Address: 62 Svetozara Markovica st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/36-12-778, 26-46-434 (fax)

4/ 5stars

Sallumeria MENATTI offers a unique selection of Italian ham and salami, as well as Parma, San Daniele, FELINE the VIP.

The plot has various cheeses such as Brie French, Italian Gorgonzola, Grana Padano, PARMIĐANO, PEKORA Sardis, CH Emmentaler, GRIJER and various goat cheeses.

MENATTI offers a rich winery consisting of famous French, Italian, Chilean and Argentine wines.

The varied range you can get a variety of sandwiches, salads, canapés, hlatne plate, as well as gift baskets.

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