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Cosmetics salons Belgrade

Working hours

Monday 09:00 - 23:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 23:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 23:00
Thursday 09:00 - 23:00
Friday 09:00 - 23:00
Saturday 09:00 - 21:00
Sunday On call


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Useful information

Cosmopolitan beautz salon is located in the heart of Vracar in Kursulina street. Modernlz equipped interior which exhudes warmth and comfort will make your stay very pleasant. What is most important you will be met with professional service, exceptionally high hygiene levels, modern apperature and high quality cosmetics and products. Natural, nurtured and seductive look is the goal of every service that we offer.

Along with very affordable prices this spring we also offer an additional 20% off on all services.

-Manicure and pedicure-

- For nutured hand and feet we offer classic manicure and pedicure as well as the spa program for hands and feet involving ether oils, additional nurturing mask or cold paraffin packages, extended massage and more.

High quality instruments, rigorous hygiene standards and protocol, paper and nylon program for single-use will protect and preserve your health.

For the perfect nails, we offer nail polish, gel nail polish, gel-chiropody and strengthening natural nails as well as Nail Art products by Crystal Nails gel, Crystal Nails gell-polish, China Glaze polish.

- Waxing -

We offer cold waxing using natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and others which hydrate and feed the skin throughout the process and offer it anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties.

Waxing using sugar paste Cleopatra, winner of many prestigious world awards and certificates. Ideal combination of sugar and nurturing herbal ingredients proven to slow down the growth of hair. It maximally grasps the root of the hair which prevents irritation, redness and inflammation. It nurtures and regenerates dry and damaged skin, improving its immunity and also offers natural peeling removing dead cells from the skin. Through regular usage of the Cleopatra sugar paste the root of the hair slowly thins, the hairs become sparse and you can show off your smooth skin for the next four weeks with pride.

- Airbrush darkening -

Airbrush darkening utilizes fully natural herbal dyes safe for your skin to give your skin the tanned look without harmful UV radiation. The treatment lasts for about 15 minutes and you can shower after a couple of hours. Immediately upon application you will see color, but there's also the layer which washes off on the first shower. Under that layer your pigmentation will begin to develop, creating darker skin and this process last 6-8 hours. The full effect lasts for 3-4 days after which the color begins to fade but remains stable for the following 7 days. The areas that come into contact with water such as the hands and face are the first ones that begin to fade.

The color palette consists of three shades and suits your needs and different skin types. The products we use combine the purest herbal ingredients which means that our products contain no allergens, parabens, oils or alcohol. Our products have passed all required dermatological tests according to the standards of EU and Serbia and the health certificate issued by the City buerau for public health in Belgrade. The product is suitable even for people with freckles or vitiligo. Airbrush tanning is especially suitable for formal events such as celebrations, graduations, weddings, birthdays or events such as fitness contests and dthe like where in several hours you can get tanned without sunbathing. If you're planning to airbrush for your own wedding, it is best to choose the lightest or medium dark shade rather than the darkest one so that you can achieve the natural look for your wedding. If the groom is looking pale next to your new tan, you can get airbrushed together.

If you have never done an airbrushing treatment before then there's no telling what the end result would be. This is why we sincerely recommend you do a trial treatment around a month prior to the grand event.

Preparation for the treatment:

- Two days prior to the treatment you should do a full body peeling to remove the dead skin layers. Pay especial attention to the knees, elbows, the area above the hand and around the neck because that is where the most dead skin cells are located. Shaving, waxing or peeling after the treatment are not advisable because the dye wears off faster that way, but even so they would not cause stains.

- Nurtured and well-hydrated skin on the outside as well as the inside is the best preparation so after several showerings before the treatment you should use body milk.

- The skin should be clean and dry before the treatment. You should not apply deodorant, makeup or perfume because they could affect the dye's even spread Wear darker bathing suit or underwear or fully remove your clothing for your treatment - it is up to you.

- After the treatment wear more comfortable and dark clothing so that you don't damage the dye. The hair should be tied up and any jewlery should be removed so it doesnt obstruct the dye.

After the treatment:

- Avoid contact with water or excessive physical activity until your first shower (before the dye has taken)
- During the first shower - which should be brief - you will see a small amount of paint being washed off - not to worry, this is normal. Contine to shower, but gently, until the dye stops washing out. Instead of the normal wiping, dry off your skin in gentle taps.
- It is advised to use body lotion, especially to individuals with dry skin, so that the dye would stay longer and more evenly.
- Don't do a peeling treatment for as long as you have the color. If, after the dye had gone, you notice it stayed in certain places, do a peeling or rub down your skin with a towel after showering.

The product does not protect you from sun light and it is not advisable to sunbathe for 24h after the treatment. On the other hand, clients usually have the treatment before they go on vacation to have a tan until their natural color shows up. So, if you are sunbathing use protective creams.

- Professional makeup -

For special occassions such as night and daytime outings, weddings, graduations and other festivities. The skilled hands of our professional will bring your beauty to a new level and bring out the beauty in you. Cosmopoliten uses only original professional makeup from the most famous world brands such as MAC, Inglot, Shiseido, Estee, Lauder, Sephora, The Body Shop...

- Eyebrow correction -

Cosmopoliten contact phone:064-0446453



COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
COSMOPOLITAN BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd