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Cosmetics salons Belgrade

Working hours

Monday We are closed
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Useful information

I provide aesthetic-cosmetic services which are a full alternative to aesthetic surgery and will improve your overall condition. With my dedicated work, using products and technology of the latest generation in that area and applying knowledge and techniques obtained in work and on seminars, I will provide all that you need to maintain your hygiene, balance and relax your body.

My main goal is your health and satisfaction and beauty is a challenge for us all.

Facial treatments

On a long list of anti-aging treatments one of the latest and most advanced new therapies stands out under the name Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which is now in offer at our “Milena” cosmetic salon. The first sign of aging can be seen in fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth. In search for an even younger look many turn to aesthetic and cosmetic experts in order to eliminate these signs. There are many anti-aging treatments that deal with these problems, but this way stands out among many others.

What’s interesting is that this treatment is used in medicine and surgery since 1975 and as of recently it has been introduced as an aesthetic treatments.

In order to prepare the PRP treatments, a small amount of the patient’s blood is taken at our salon. Since blood mostly consists of a liquid called plasma and red and white blood cells and platelets, the next thing we do is isolate the platelets from other blood cells. This results in a concentrate of platelets and growth factors which are vital for the PRP treatment, because they are rich in protein. The serum we gain that way is five times more efficient than “normal” blood and they are essentially your personal stem cells. During the PRP treatments this concentrate is injected into a specific layer of your skin which intensifies the body’s efforts and delivers the platelet concentrate directly to the targeted area. This treatment is classified as regenerative medicine or regenerative health.

You can expect softer, smoother and glossier skin. Optimal results can be achieved after about three weeks and last up to a year. There are no risks or unwanted effects and it’s suitable for all. PRP treatment can be done only at our salon’s premises in controlled conditions.

If you’d like to learn about more about PRP or you’d like to have this treatment, schedule a term for consultations.

I also present to you some of our treatments which independently or in combination with each other give great results. During the treatment I combine products of excellent cosmetic houses.

Acadèmie Paris, Endocare, Eden cosmetics and others

The main program of our salon includes:

- Basic hygienic treatment for the face
- Regenerative face and eye zone treatments
- Biological face, neck and chest treatment
- Lifting and anti-age program treatments
- Diamond microdermal abrasion (non-invasive method of removing the surface layers of the skin)
- Ultrasound face peeling – fine peeling of the surface skin layer which influences hydration, tone, circulation and decolorization of the skin in all regions of the face.

Basic face treatments:

- PRP treatment
- Dermapen
- Mesiotherapy without needles – efficient method for deeper breach of active substances into the skin and activating skin metabolism
- Radiowave lifting for face, neck and chest – rejuvenation, tightening, hydration of the skin and improvement in skin tone.
- Cryo therapy for retaining moisture and nutritional ingredients as well as for pore reduction
- Therapy for rings under the eyes – treatment for problematic skin
- Mesiotherapy for solving hair loss problems for both genders – application of active substances for improving hair growth and preventing loss.

Body treatments

I present to you a group of non-invasive and pain-free methods that I successfully perform in the process of re-shaping and relaxing the body:

- Vacuum and mesiotherapy
- Vacuum therapy
- Multipolar radio-frequency
- Radiowave body lifting
- Cavitation
- Maderotherapy (rolling pin massage)

These are physical therapy methods which, when combined with the vacuum therapy include generating localized heat to the tissue with high-frequency electric current, radiowaves or ultrasound waves. These methods improve lymphatic drainage and elasticity of the skin, reduces stretch marks and scars, revitalize skin and muscles, remove localized fat tissue in the area of the chins, elbows, belly, around the waist, hips, backside, thighs and knees. We also remove wrinkles and slow aging and premature skin loosening.

Toning of arm, abdomen, thigh, backside, chest muscles are also another beneficial effect of the treatment and combining multiple methods the muscles are relaxed and cramp pain caused by excess strain is reduced.



MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd
MILENA BEAUTY SALON Cosmetics salons Beograd

Methods of payment

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