Dental orthotics Belgrade

Address: 67 Koste Jovanovica 67, Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/3910-391, 064/110-5785

4.5/ 5stars

We are a team, a successful combination of highly educated dentists in various areas of dentistry. At the same time we are individuals and professionals, trained and capable of providing the highest quality services in parodontology, endodontics, aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry, oral implantology and dental prosthetics. 

We are a team of real enthusiasts who are in love with their profession and who use and apply modern and current doctrines in dentistry, based on biological principles.

What sets us apart from others? The possibility of complex and full therapy including prosthetic rehabilitation for those suffering from parodontopathy with supporting tissue reconstruction and large tooth loss. This type of therapy includes all domains of surgical therapy, regenerative therapy using bone transplants and implants, modern regeneration of parodontium, oral implants to make up for lost teeth as well as reconstructive mucogingival surgery.

Our professional motto is "health comes first - establish dental health and then make up for lost tissue". It is a complex therapy which achieves high aesthetic results even in the most difficult cases.