Dental orthotics Belgrade

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Dental office dr Dragan Prgomelj is located at 1 Slobodana Djurica street in Altina, Belgrade. Using the latest treatment methods and following world trends we have become one of the best dental offices in the city.

We use the latest equipment and are able to offer all kinds of dental and prosthetic works in the shortest time and with utmost quality and professionalism. Our prices are very approachable and adjusted to our patients' standards.

We offer the following services:

- Treatment of dental disease
- Cosmetic Dentistry
- Sealing teeth
- Implantation (implant)
- Surgical removal of teeth
- Prosthetics
- Bridges
- Oral surgery
- Orthodontics
- Periodontology
- Production of ceramic bridges (metal and nonmetal ceramics)
- Production of ceramic veneers

We approach every patient individually and all our procedures are pain free. Thanks to this kind of approach we have helped many patients overcome their fear of dentists. Our experienced and qualified staff uses the latest methods and technologies to give you the best services.

Contact info:
1 Slobodana Djurica street
Mobile: 063/492-261