Dental surgery Belgrade

Address: 189 Ustanicka st., Konjarnik
Belgrade Phone: 011/3474-937, 065/3474-937, 065/5295-303

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Family Miščević has worked in dentistry for more than 35 years, with special emphasis on prosthodontics, endodontics and periodontics, and from 2010. for the enhanced and youthful composition. All together, we blend of experience and enthusiasm of the young expert.

Our team consists of:
Dr DDS. Lily Miščević - specialists in prosthodontics,
Mr. sci.Dr stom.Miroslav Miščević - Specialist dental diseases
Dr DDS. Ana Miščević- Andjus
Dr DDS. Ana Matkovic

With consultants in the field of oral surgery and orthodontics, covering almost all branches of dentistry.
Practice,, Miščević'' is an oasis where there is no place for fear and pain. We will do everything to make you feel comfortable and carefree. We are ready to meet your needs and to find the optimal solution for your oral health problems.

In our office, we provide services in the following areas of dentistry.
- Dental disease and endodontics
- Cosmetic Dentistry
- periodontology
- prosthetics
- Children's and Preventive Dentistry
- Orthodontics
- Oral surgery

Thanks for choosing ordination Miščević! We will be happy to see your smile!