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Belgrade Phone: 011/2422-459, 069/467-5268, 063/443-334
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Behind the dental practice "Dr Popovic" is almost 30 years of successful business, a lot of training and a large number of satisfied patients of all ages. Dr Dragoslav Popovic founded the practice "Dr Popovic" in October 1987 and is considered the originator of private practice in Serbia. Twenty years later, his son takes office dr Nemanja Popovic, Master of Science in implantology and oral surgery specialist. Services for which the practice "Dr Popovic" are recognized in the field of dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and prosthetics. Our professional team provides services to and from all other branches of dentistry: conservative, periodontology, orthodontics.

What we mostly work on in  our practice "Dr Popovic" and what we have become known for is the continuous training of our employees in order to constantly improve services. We follow the trends of the latest technologies in dental practice, which among other things involves the use of X-ray machine of the latest generation apex locators, intra oral cameras and CAD / CAM technology.

CAD / CAM technology to that of a finished, solid blocks made of ceramics or composite components for the restoration of teeth, a process from beginning to end alleged computer, which ensures outstanding precision. CAD / CAM is a revolutionary system that dramatically improves the quality of service and reduced development time and therefore waiting. Using this technology we make crowns, inlays / onlays, veneers and bridges in a single day, from materials that are aesthetic characteristics and biocompatibility so advanced that its quality often exceed the natural teeth.

Advantages of Cad / Cam in comparison to conventional methods of tooth restoration are:

Dental restorations over the same day, so that the patient does not come more than once
preserves right
Micron precision in making compensation
Longevity compensation, biocompatible dental ceramics
Aesthetically completely natural effect compensation
Full ceramic material, completely metal-free
Immutable properties of materials, durability



Dental services are more expensive in the world than in Serbia several times, prompting the development of dental tourism which is gaining popularity in our country, due to the low prices, but also due to the high quality of service.

After many years of experience in the dental practice "Dr Popovic" We have continued the practice of working with patients from abroad, because in our prices are lower by 80% than in other countries, and the quality of service is the same, and more! Dental practice "Dr Popovic" care of the whole organization of your stay in Belgrade during the performance of dental services. In cooperation with partner organizations: tourism, hotel and taxi services, we do everything to make your stay in Belgrade is pleasant.

To our patients from abroad we offer:

Plans for resolving the situation with the prices of services, based on the submitted digital panoramic radiographs and Communications
Finding the cheapest transport from the place of your residence to Belgrade
Free transportation from the airport / train / bus station in Belgrade to the hotel, from the hotel to the office and return
Accommodation in apartments and / or hotels with 3 * or 4 * at reasonable prices
Free accommodation for works over 3000 €
Assistance in organizing tourist programs and attractions to visit your free time in Belgrade as to maximize
Interpreter during his stay in office

By using the latest dental technology, constant upgrading of knowledge and professional and friendly staff, all of our patients, we offer the highest standards of quality, individual approach and high level of organization.

Contact us without obligation if you want to learn more about our services. Our staff will give you all the information you need.

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