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 Dental office “MojStomatolog” focuses on the highest quality service which keeps in step with the latest methods of dentistry. As a team of highly professional experts in all areas of dentistry we make sure to give our patients an honest report on their current dental health.

When we suggest a treatment for you we take into account your wishes. We explain all the possibilities and their price so that you can make an informed decision. In complicated cases our teamwork comes into play. Good communication, exchange of ideas and division of tasks allows us to cover every eventuality with high quality swift service and solve your aesthetic or health issue. Thanks to our continuous self-improvement we are always able to suggest the best methods for you.

Our dental office works every day and on top of that we are willing to go out of our way to accommodate your busy schedule and life dynamics. We can meet before or after our office hours as well as on weekends. All of our patients are entitled to a free first examination and a precise analysis of their dental health. Open communication with our patients is the base of mutual understanding and best results. For all interested we can hold a presentation on the modern approach in prevention of dental conditions with audiovisual aids.

We can inform our scheduled patients about their visits regularly via SMS a day before the scheduled term.


Dental repairs (
aesthetic fillings, upgrading teeth with pulpal pins and core as well as with fibreglass stakes, treatment of deep caries, periodontal pocket curettage, curettage of periodontal pockets)

Dental treatment (treating teeth, treating gangrene, removal of canal fillings)

Prevention (removal of soft tissues, ultrasound dental calculus removal, teeth polishing, iTOP instructions in oral hygene)

Children (sealing fissures, local fluorine application, soft deposits removal, instructions on oral hygene)

Aesthetics (zircons, teeth jewellery, teeth whitening at the office and at home, individual tooth whitening, teeth sanding...)

Prosthetics (partial acrylic dentures, total acrylic dentures, skeletal dentures, metalceramic crowns and bridges, non-metal crowns and bridges, cast extensions, temporary crowns)

Oral anti-snoring devices (temporary and individual devices, measuring night time apnoea)

Orthodontics (active plate apparatus, functional apparatus, fixed orthodontic apparatus, segmented fixed orthodontic apparatus, aesthetic fixed orthodontic apparatus, lingual fixed orthodontic apparatus, retention foil)

Surgery (routine tooth extraction, complicated tooth extraction, surgical tooth extraction, inter-oral incision of abscess, circumcision, surgical wisdom teeth removal, surgical fang removal, apicotomy)   

Implants (single phase implant, two phase implant, miniature implants, prosthetic extensions on implants, implanting artificial bone replacements)

Our expert team consists of experienced professionals in all areas who communicate with patients and always strive to further their knowledge and expertise.


Dental tourism is becoming more and more prominent in our region. This is why we also offer these services to any interested parties and are able to give them our services which can be adjusted to anyone’s needs and abilities.

The clients who come to us from abroad can get our help in any stage of service – from figuring out the best transportation to Belgrade, to finding a place to stay, technical support such as transport to and from the airport or hotel, determining the best therapy and providing required documentation.

If you are suffering from any kind of dental issues “MojStomatolog” is the best place to solve it.


Dental office “MojStomatolog”
Address:  84 Bulevar Arsenija Carnojevica street, 11070 New Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 31 32 508
Mobile: +381 62 849 07 87