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Three-week treatment for impotence (erectile dysfunction and prostatitis) using Shockwave therapy...

PRP / microneedling with preparatory facial treatment (snowcell, ultrasonic spatula, mask and phototherapy €90

Cellulite removal with shckwave waves in two regions (entire thighs) 4000 din.

PRX 4000 dinars

1ml of hyaluronic filler from €150

Hair transplantation by top plastic surgeons from Turkey. Holy hair. Best prices from 1400€

Weight loss and body shaping, Holi line package (intolerance test with the BICOM OPTIMA device, nutritionist, nutrition program, shockwave therapy) 

Today, long-lasting beauty is no longer just an unattainable myth.

The offices of Holimed esthetics were created precisely with the idea of enabling our patients to realize their dreams, be filled with self-confidence and lead a truly happy and free life.

The people behind this story are Dr. Ljubisa Popovic and his two colleagues, Dr. Biljana Stanojevic, who is a certified expert in antiaging medicine by world-renowned experts for aesthetic procedures, and Dr. Vesna Aleksic, a specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, who reveal to us all the secrets of health and beauty.

Exclusively, the Holimed Estetik clinic hosts Dr. Aleksandra Markovic, a specialist in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic medicine from Brazil, as well as a team of doctors, experts in this field from Turkey.

The office of Holimed estheticians deals with aesthetic and plastic surgery, anti-aging treatments, quantum medicine, special procedures for losing body weight, as well as body shaping, removal of moles, wrinkles and spots on the skin, as well as cellulite removal.

In addition, there are treatments to solve erectile dysfunction in men, rejuvenation of the intimate zone in women and regenerative procedures in the treatment of baldness and hair transplantation. In their work, Holimed estheticians use top-quality preparations and devices, with a special approach to each patient, and create a treatment plan that is individually adapted to each person.

All patients who want to schedule a hair transplant in our office for appointments in the second half of January 2023 should call us at 063 663 763.
Transplantation will be done by Dr. Nedim Ardìç.

You need to send several photos of the hairy part of the head and the specified laboratory analysis to the email address:

Required laboratory analyses:

1. Complete blood results
2. Ferritin
3. Folic acid
4. Vitamin B12
5. Vitamin D3
7. Urea, creatinine
8. TSH, FT3, FT4
9. Glycemia, HbA1c

Doctor Nedim Ardiç was the first to start hair transplantation treatments in Turkey and with 27 years of work experience, he is one of the most expert doctors in the field of the most advanced methods of hair transplantation, but also for the treatment of all types of alopecia.

Dr. Nedim Ardiç and Dr. Gűlzen Ardiç work in their clinic (Dr. Nedim transplantation hair clinic) in Istanbul, but also as guest surgeons in clinics for the treatment of alopecia and hair transplantation in Milan, Bologna, Ljubljana, Stuttgart, Dubai and Sochi. Recently, top quality hair transplantation services have also been performed in our office Holimed esthetics in Belgrade on the water at very favorable prices.

You can also write to us at: