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Electro material Belgrade

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The company S.Z.T.K.R. “Mihajlovic” was founded in November 2000. In a short amount of time we have managed to win the trust and hearts of our customers thanks to our helpful and friendly staff as well as the undeniable quality that we offer. We always accept any praise but also criticism and suggestions and you can find us at 4a Durmitorska street in the center of the city as well as in O.T.C. New Belgrade, I row, stand 15.

When you think about household items you often wonder where you can find the various knick-knacks that you may need. But with us, you can find them all in one place - small appliances and devices as well as parts for them that we often don't think about until it's too late. Our helpful staff will happily assist you at our store and show you our assortment.


Years of work on developing and producing vacuum bags has led us to the conclusion that there is no single vacuum manufacturer in the world who doesn't have their own line of bags and necessary expendable materials for your household. The company ZZ “Univerzal” is there to offer you all of them at highest quality and affordable prices. The trust that our buyers have shown us for years now speaks for itself.

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This assortment includes TA furnaces (Magnohrom), quartz and bathroom heaters and a broad selection of spare parts.

Heating elements for stoves and furnaces that we offer are made using high quality materials and following the latest technological advancements.

Electric thermal-accumulation furnaces MAGNOHROM are intended for heating living and work areas.

Our store offers all kinds of heaters for boilers (regular and prochrome), stoves, laundry washers, heaters (TA, quartz and bathroom heaters, warmers etc.) from various manufacturers. We offer high quality heaters - visit us and see for yourself.

Complete program by Austrian production companies KENO and KÖNIG for your household. A year's long guarantee for every product you purchase with provided servicing.

When it comes to electrical installation materials we have a broad assortment from the Turkish manufacturer Makel as well as our domestic manufacturer Nopal.

Nopal's production program has an almost full assortment of electrical installation material such as light bulb neck, power sockets, electrical switches, plugs, handheld torches and more.

The best proof of their quality was the prestigious Yugoslavian award “Oscar of quality” that they won in the year 2000.

We also offer: clamps, light bulb neck e-27, 6-63A fuses, kip switches, indicators...manufactured by Barok from Arandjelovac.


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