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Address: 5 Rada Kondica st., Mali Mokri Lug
Belgrade Phone: 065/315-4-315, 069/315-4-315
E-mail: opremazaigraonice@gmail.com
Website: www.oprema-za-igraonice.rs

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• Happy Kids playground equipment as a place where children will enjoy and where everything will be enough to fulfill all their wishes. • We aim to provide your small visitors unforgettable fun and crazy time in the arcades, while keeping and security is at a high level to make sure kids and parents peace of mind. • Happy Kids Workshop has been around for many years, and guarantees quality in the preparation of the expert team of craftsmen, who have been in business for 50 years. • To make use top quality materials. Slides have a certificate and outdoor and indoor use, linen with factory warranty, rope mesh is certified to 107kp breaking moment. So everything is safe and secure.
• Playroom made in our workshop is sure to provide your small pleasure to visitors, and parents, while watching them enjoying the perfectly designed and well-equipped playrooms. • Much attention was also focused on creating new obstacles to any further playroom different from the previous, was unique and original. • Each playroom (maze, a cage) is designed so that time can not tamper with or perform upgrades, and removable character and can be moved. • The quality of our playroom guarantee satisfied customers all over Serbia and the region. • Happy Kids is developing and equipping children's playroom (Labyrinth) and production of outdoor playgrounds. • In our wide product range you can find all what you will do your little visitors happy and satisfied. Starting from the labyrinths of two or more levels with complete equipment, through various jungle gym, slide, swing, Trampoline, rollers, sliding surfaces, and more.
• All products are made according to European standards and covered with a sponge to ensure a high level of security. • To create mazes and other items we use quality materials in over 20 colors that you can choose. Abrasion-resistant and easy-to-day maintenance. • TE S'TOGA ON ALL OUR PRODUCTS AND BUILDINGS MAKE ONE YEAR WARRANTY! • A consultation with our expert team of designers will do the project in the 3D version. So you will be able to fully see how your playroom look after and what will all of the elements contain. Equip • Kindergarten • Parks • Sports fields • Birthday shop • Mini pets playground • Areas of the game in shopping centers with • Maintain playgrounds (mazes) • make changes to existing playgrounds • pole and moving playground (mazes) We make • Labyrinth of two or more levels • pool balls • Protective netting for labyrinth • Network for climbing • climbing walls • Swings of sponge • Slide * Semicircular - Mild - Quick * Straight - 220cm in length to a height of 100-140cm - 330cm in length to a height of 150-200cm - 390cm in length to a height of 180-230cm - 220cm with two paths to a height of 100-140cm • shoe • trampoline in several sizes with protective mesh • tunnels of various forms of • inclined plane sliding surfaces • upholstered surfaces (zidivi, floors) and mat • Barriers of sponge • Ship ladder • Canapé climbing • Footstools in several colors • tables of different sizes and shapes • AND MUCH MORE ...