Fish restaurants Belgrade

Address: 27 Radnicka st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/3551-268, 064/2886-080
E-mail: gustimora@gustimora.com
Website: www.gustimora.com

4.5/ 5stars

Work hours: 12-24h
If you respect the modern trends and eat only healthy food, one of the restaurants you can't pass of, that has on its menu a more than good selection of sea fish and sweet water fish is certainly GUSTI MORA. In the heart of Belgrade, on Velika Cukarica, caught in a old fishermen?s net, you can see a old family restaurant, for which those with good taste rightfully say that has a soul. Because, the famous culinary family Vlaovic takes good care of you, and their specialties have been enjoyed many visitors of Monte Negro seaside.
In real seaside ambient gourmands can enjoy the fish and fruits of the sea, prepared in a traditional seaside way, where the famous BOKELJ PLATE stands out. A rich wine cellar fulfills the sea experience, and those who less enjoy the fish dishes, will be satisfied with the specialties of the national cuisine.
When you take your place in the ambiance of old, seaside houses, you will understand why this restaurant deserves all the praise. A intimate atmosphere with gastronomical pleasure, will make You come back to it again?