Fish restaurants Belgrade

Address: 98 Dalmatinska st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/3806-347, 064/0036-188
E-mail: restorantatamata@gmail.com
Website: www.tatamatakonoba.com

4.5/ 5stars

We have all experienced this in the winter - the sudden drop in salinity, the smell and taste of the sea, a dangerous lack of blueness and seasalt on the skin which leads to loss of concentration and that look which wanders across the mountains of work, dreaming about just a couple of steps along a beach somewhere or enjoying a delicious seafood specialty or a cockail at a beach restaurant. Anyone experiencing these symptoms is ready to visit Tata Mata.

Sea nostalgia is treated right here with fresh seafood from the depths of the Adriatic sea, selected wines, a nice view of an olive tree while you sit at the bar which is a stranded boat and chat with the main chef who will eagerly discuss sea delicacies with you - it all sounds like poetry. Is there anything that makes more sense than visiting us in Dalmatinska street.

We are located in one of the rare remaining pre-war houses with a garden, owned by the restaurant owners who renovated it to restore its glow and dignity. The house used to belong to Mata Milosevic, the famous Serbian director, actor and professor at the drama arts Academy whose scene still bears his name today. Aiming to preserve his memory without harming his reputation they have come up with the restaurant name which consists of a part of his name but also a part of our own charm.