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Address: 18-20 Obilicev venac st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/3343-987, 063/708-5575

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Seeing how we are more than happy with the numbers of new students and the past year has been successful in all levels, we have noticed last summer that we are now able to afford to offer our new clients especially affordable, almost symbolic prices.

Our language center has come up with a completely new offer for this spring and it includes INTENSIVE COURSES in English, German, Turkish, Swedish and Arabian languages.

Therefore, we are able to offer INTENSIVE language courses summarized below:


Number of participants




Promo price


Min. 6 max. 10


4 times


2x 45 min

32 lessons

( 32 x 45 min )


6.500,00 rsd


For any additional questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us on: 063/708 55 75.

IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure to apply at your earliest convenience because the number of participants is limited. 

We're expecting you!

Bejza educational center is a foreign language school offering the chance to study or improve in various global languages.

Located in the heart of the city our Bejza school organizes classes based on the communicative approach in its modern ambiance and taught by professional lecturers, including native speakers. In this way we develop all four linguistic skills: reading, writing, listening and conversation.

Bejza educational center stands apart from other schools because we also offer our students original cultural content for any language we teach.

Language courses:

English language
German language
Swedish language
Turkish language
Serbian for foreigners
Arabian language
Spanish language
Greek language
Italian language
Russian language
Polish language

Preparation courses for:

Specialized courses in:
Conversational English

Testing for internationally recognized certificates

GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) at Trinity College in London
  (Uluslararası Türkçe Testi) Internationally acclaimed certificate in Turkish languagejezika     


Young talent program

With the aim of providing only the best in our offer to the youth, we also enriched it with preparations for international Turkish language competition that features over 140 countries of the world and over 2000 students.

With our students we also participates and compete in the categories: singing, acting, reciting, folklore, essay, conversation and others.

The number of our friends and family grows every day.

Find out why!