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Foreign languages schools Belgrade

Useful information

Intensive language learning weekends

"Berlitz" Language Schools offers all interested students intensive courses in English and German on weekends. Program called "Marathon Weekend" allows all students to acquire a level of knowledge within a month and a half. Program first Marathon Weekend begins tomorrow, 16th of November, and the following January 25. Applying for a weekend marathon is underway!

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An intensive program of English learning "Berlitz" Language School offers all interested students intensive English language courses in small groups, on weekdays, and on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for an hour and a half times. Intensive program allows all students to acquire a level of knowledge within a month and a half ago. strartuje program in early February. applications were pending. more information


Berlitz language school, offers the opportunity of learning and training of foreign languages like English, German, Italian, French, .... With a unique method, Berlitz language training guarantees a quick conversation training and skills necessary for effective communication.

• Courses for Adults
Foreign language courses, Business English, Business German, conversational courses, want to advance business? Berlitz will most effectively meet your needs foreign languages!

• Courses for companies
For the company and for your colleagues: Business English, business correspondence, negotiating in English, courses in foreign language presentations, writing business e-mails - we know what's going on!

• Courses for Children
Your children will learn a foreign language fast through the game! Berlitz will provide them with knowledge and fun with great experience - over 130 years of experience in teaching foreign languages to children around the world!

What languages you can learn with us:
• English
• German
• French
• Spanish
• Portuguese
• Italian
• Greek
• Serbian for foreigners

The key success factor is the Berlitz method which built its way even 130 years ago and continues to innovate today, including new techniques and technologies primarily reflected seprevashodno the methodology:

Five Principles Berlitz Method
• The conversation is in the target language
• Instructors are native speakers
• Active participation by students
• Grammar as a means of communication
• The emphasis is on learning the language of the conversation and less on reading and writing

• It focuses on communication
• Materials and situations are authentic voice
• An independent speaker
• All styles are custom voice
• The highest award performance (in speed and fluency)
• Individually designed program, monitor and report on progress
• Multi-media learning four skills training

• Group lessons (4-6)
• Poluindividualna classes (2-3)
• Private lessons Total Immersion ™
• Special seminars • Marathon Weekend
• Teach and travel
• Teach Abroad
• Intensive courses
• Business English
• Berlitz English

Charter programs
• Charter Programs (4-6)
• Poluindividualna classes (2-3)
• Private lessons Total Immersion ™
• Business practices abroad
• Improving business skills
• Global Account Management
• Teach Abroad
• Business English
• Business English

Children and young
• Program decuSesame English (age 4-7)
• English Beats (age 8-12)
• Youth Program
• Program for Students
• Teach Abroad


Staying in a foreign country is undoubtedly the most beautiful and the most effective way to learn about its culture and language learning. By participating in programs Berlitz Study Abroad ® you will learn the language as soon as possible.

Berlitz Study Abroad

Berlitz Study Abroad ® program is offered in 29 attractive destinations around the world. Curriculum combines teaching with the help of top teachers by famous Berlitz Method with modern books and teaching materials. You can choose your preferred form of learning: small group, individual classes or programs Total Immersion

BERLITZ schools abroad

Easiest to learn a foreign language abroad in one of the Berlitz centers in 60 countries around the world - some in your pocket than a passport and return with a newly learned foreign language! The company, now known as Berlitz International, founded in 1878 Maximilian D. Berlitz in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
He grew up in the Black Forest in Germany to a family of teachers and mathematicians.

In the year 1872 he emigrated to the United States to teach Greek, Latin, and six European languages according to strict traditionalist grammar-translation.

Berlitz is now a private company. In 2001, Benesse assumed 100% of the shares Berlitz and Benesse the company secured a prominent place in the global market for the provision of services for learning foreign languages.

Berlitz Language School offers students the opportunity to study foreign languages and training such as: English, German, Italian, French, ... Unique Berlitz method guarantees the fast development of conversation and skills necessary for effective communication. Specifics Berlitz method is primarily reflected in the five principles that guided Berlitz: speaking the target language, instructors are native speakers, student participation, grammar as a means of communication and language learning is the emphasis on conversation and less on reading and writing. Berlitz is to prepare students speciljane programs through which they can acquire the knowledge and practice of teaching and working with Berlitz team.

Berlitz all interested students to scholarship and to the sladeći: For 24 students registered with the state univeriziteta scholarship offer - voucher in the amount of 200 euros for one level (52 to 70 hours processed).

All interested students who want to learn or improve knowledge of a foreign language at a discount of 50 percent on the cost of the official exchange rate (only 185 euros) each day in the period from 10.30 am to 17 pm

Promotions, in English language to prepare for your future business in one of the local or foreign companies. Introduce yourself in all its glory, and do not let the lack of a knowledge and experience reduce šasnu to get the desired job position.

Berlitz language school allows students and third-year university četrvrte practice Berlitz school for a period of four (4) months and then get a letter of recommendation. All stakeholders have students can apply via email or by phone at 011 312 1147