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The long-awaited summer vacation is coming soon and along with it the time when school kids fill their time with fun and playtime.

In order to make sure that summer vacation doesn’t become a period of killing time, we have designed a camp for kids aged 6-10 years. Seeing how summer is the time when school kids are on vacation, we decided to give them the opportunity to use that time and learn new language skills through workshops in English and Italian and to build new friendships with their peers by spending time outdoors and partaking in sports.

- camp duration: 1 week
- starts every Monday from 19th July 2017.
- every workday from 8:30AM to 5:30PM
- 6-8 students in a group.

Price: 130EUR. Promotional price: 115eur. Price for two: 230eur.

The prices include: 14 lessons in English, 2 lessons in Italian, teaching materials, lunch and snack, additional activities (art, music and culinary workshops, sports and swimming pool), certificate of attending the camp.

Number of slots is limited, make your reservation in time.
For more information call us on 011/ 3444 - 329  or write to us at

Vracar Municipality
6 Milesevska street, Belgrade
Phone: 011/3444-329, fax: 011/3861-728,

East Serbia representative
Bor: 063/650-926

Currently: Actions and discounts spring/summer 2016

Current actions and discounts: 

*  WEEKEND CONVERSATIONAL COURSES (English, French, Russian, Italian)

Every Saturday, for two months, starting on 1st October 2016 from 10.00 to 12.00  
Number of students: from 4 to 6. Price: 160 EUR
Discount price: 80 EUR


Every month throughout the school year, 3 times a week for 75 minutes (total number of lessons 12x75 minutes)
Number of students: from 4 to 6. Price: 180 EUR

Discount price: 100 EUR


For three months, starting on 3rd October 2016 in the period, twice a week (total number of lessons 24x85 minutes)
Number of students: from 4 to 6. Price: 160EUR.                                                                                                                               

Discount price: 90 EUR

Installment payments: 2 x 30 EUR 

 Enlistment for teen and specialized courses lasts all year long.
Enlistment for adults takes place every three months.

Concord foreign language school began work in 1995 in Vracar, then one of the first private schools for foreign languages in Belgrade. Over the period of 20 years we've grown into the CONCORD COMMUNICATIONS language center and today offer various services in education and tourism through these activities>

1. Concord Language School
2. Concord E-learning
3. Concord LCCI accredited center
4. Concord language courses abroad
5. Concord Belgrade summer and winter school
6. Concord translation center
Today we are present in several locations throughout Serbia (Bor, Zajecar, Majdanpek, Zagubica, Kragujevac, Nis)
Our school's main activity is foreign language learning. The languages we teach are English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Greek, Russian and Serbian for foreigners.
Lessons take place in three shifts - morning, afternoon and on the weekend. The morning group courses for students (10-14h on workdays) include our 2 for 1 offer.
Concord offers a 10% discount for the organizations and companies that enlist at least 7 member in our courses. The lessons can take place at our schools as well as your own space. 

1. Language courses (Language Training):

1.  Courses for children
2.  Teen courses
3. Adult courses
4.  Specialized courses:    
•             TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) – ETS
•             IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
              CELI, CILS (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera)

Concord schools award a diploma to every passing participant which guarantees that they have successfully mastered all language skills for a certain level which are coordinated with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 

Serbian for Foreigners
Our school also specializes in teaching Serbian as a second language. Over the years we've amassed a lot of experience in this area and developed specific programs and methods of teaching. Our students immediately learn about the topics they will be able to use their new knowledge on after their first lesson. 
Over the 20 years of worked we've had many clients including: Greek students of medicine, Libian students of construction, Italian embassy employees in Belgrade, British Department of Defense employees, American embassy employees, Societe Generale bank employees and many others. 

2.Concord E-Learning
Remote learning when compared to the traditional approach offers the following advantages:
- It allows you to learn continuously and improve professionally
- Students learn independently at their own pace in whichever location and time they choose
- Own tempo - students go through the material at the pace and as many times as they wish
- Learning location can be chosen - depending on the medium of learning - at wish (at work, at home...)
- The availability of topics that aren't offered by the courses/programs in that region - students can pick and attend the programs they are interested in even if they are not available at their place of residence or work. 
Who benefits from remote learning?
1. Adults, non-traditional students.
2. Employees who can't attend classes due to working hours
3. People who require more activity and interaction in learning
4. People with physical limitations or disorders.
5. People geographically far from educational centers.

3. Concord Cambridge English preparation center

Concord Language School is an accredited preparation centre for Cambridge English exams. These exams are unique and permanent certificates of English competency and are widely recognized certificates all over the world.

Cambridge English Language Assessment exams are:

KET – Cambridge English: Key for schools (A2)
PET - Cambridge English: Preliminary for schools (B1)
FCE - Cambridge English: First (B2)
CAE - Cambridge English: Advanced (C1)
CPE - Cambridge English: Proficiency (C2)

4. Concord LCCI accredited center
Concord schools are accredited centers which prepare students for certificate courses of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Business courses for London Chamber of Commerce and Industry certificates.
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Exams:
•             ELSA (English Language Skills Assessment)
•             FELSA (Foundation English Language Skills Assessment)
•             JETSET New! (Junior English Tests and Senior English Tests)
•             EFT (English for Tourism)
•             FTBE (Teacher Training -Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English)

LCCI corporate training:
•             EFB 1,2,3,4,5 (English for Business 1,2,3,4,5)
•             EFT 1,2(English for Tourism 1,2)
•             Individual lessons for managers (One to One English Tuition for Corporate Clients)

5. International Courses
These courses are done during summer and winter vacations and cal last 2,3,4 or more weeks.
Our students travel broad with or without an escort, individually or as a group, depending on their age and preferred course. 
We only take you to renown and accredited colleges!

6. Belgrade Summer School - BSS:
We offer you the chance to enlist in some of our intensive courses that last 2-6 weeks. These are intended to perfect the language skills of employed people and take place in afternoon and the evening. 
BSS was founded in 2005 with the goal to enable young people from Serbia and abroad to perfect their knowledge of Serbian or one of the other 10 world languages we teach as well as learn about the cultural heritage of their country. 
BSS takes place in July every year in two shifts of two weeks each in Belgrade. Up until today over 500 teenagers, students, young professionals and other profiles have attended BSS, all eager to learn and make friendships. The project is realized by the International Communication and Language Schools Concord fund as well as the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia's Ministry of Diaspora, Belgrade city council and many others. 
1. BSS Teen – courses in Serbian and English, basic and advanced levels for teenagers aged 12-18 from Serbia or the abroad 
2. BSS Student - basic and advanced levels in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Arab and Serbian for students aged 18-28
3. BSS Professional - LCCI certified English language courses for young professionals aged 25-35. Two week preparation for LCCI certificates. 

6. Concord Translations Centre

Translation services. We translate school reading and offer text editing.

Text translation services.

Concord Communications Group offers text translation services to and from the languages we have in our offer, which include: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek and Serbian. Per our clients' request we also translate from and to other languages.

Our standard translated page amounts to 1800 double spaced characters and the average translation price amounts to 4.5-10EUR depending on the text length, the 'direction' of translating (Serbian to English or vice versa for example), the type of text and the area of expertise it requires and various other factors.

Text editing services include proof reading, corrections and redaction for the submitted texts.

Proof reading involves finding and correcting all grammatical and spelling errors present in the text. Though they may appear innocent, they can greatly impact the tone and professionalism of the writing. Proof reading also involves certain stylistic correction where certain sentences may be altered or substituted for the purpose of better communication.

Correction involves rectifying any present errors in letters and syntax which can also have a great impact to how the text is read and perceived as well as confuse the readers.

All of the more serious alterations we perform in the text, the structure of its sentences and the text itself as well as larger style corrections fall under redaction. This is a service we provide strictly per our clients' request and with their agreement.

One translated page involves a standard of 1800 double spaced characters while average price per page ranges from 0.9-2.5EUR which depends largely on the length and type of the text, the area of expertise it falls under as well as the overall amount of the corrections made. 

8. Chinese at Concord Language School

Concord Language School has established cooperation with the center for learning Chinese language Mandarin Garden, based in Shanghai. Mandarin Garden is the largest center for learning Mandarin Chinese. The center also deals with the training of Chinese teachers , which is successfully completed by around  1,000 Chinese teachers  annually. At  Concord Language School  you can attend classical Chinese language classes, and we can also offer online courses run by our partner Mandarin Garden in Shanghai. There are also summer courses of Chinese in Shanghai. Within this program you will learn the language and become familiar with Chinese culture and Shanghai City. There is also a special offer for students of the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, who have a constant need to improve their speaking skills in Chinese.

Group and one-to-one lessons are held throughout the year. A standard Chinese language course in a group consists of 24 lessons of 85 minutes. We also offer individual classes that allow the student to focus on personal interests. The lesson is 85 minutes long and the number of lessons depends on the student.

Chinese  for children

Chinese  is the language of specific characters and symbols and therefore it appeals to children. Children spontaneously pick up the language and Chinese letters through drawing.

Our course is designed so that the children get to know the culture and language of the nation. We try to make classes for children based on learning through games, songs with a lot of pictures, so that children  learn in a fun way.


CONCORD LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd
CONCORD LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd
CONCORD LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd
CONCORD LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd
CONCORD LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd
CONCORD LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd
CONCORD LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd
CONCORD LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd
CONCORD LANGUAGE SCHOOL Foreign languages schools Beograd

Methods of payment

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