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INFINITIV, the foreign language learning studio organizes its work in small groups of up to 5 participants, sorted by their knowledge levels (based on a diagnostic test).

We prepare our students for various exams available at British Council and the centre “za slovenščino kot tuji/drugi jezik”.

Our entire curriculum is standardized according to the common European framework of language (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). In teaching we use textbooks and literature published by: Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan, Pearson, Longman, “Center za slovenščino” and

Language learning at Infinitiv is based on various different creative and innovative methods, all in accordance with the type and duration of your selected course. Working in small groups allows us to focus on each student individually and follow their progress. We organize free language-related workshops once a month for our students, through which they are able to polish their communication skills.

All of our instructors continue to further their education through international seminars, conferences and other means, so our own teaching methods are continuously advanced in accordance with the global tendencies in foreign language teaching.

Our studio Infinitiv develops every day along with its students and strives to achieve even greater success in education!


INFINITIV Foreign languages schools Beograd
INFINITIV Foreign languages schools Beograd
INFINITIV Foreign languages schools Beograd