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Foreign language institute is the oldest foreign language teaching institution in Serbia and the region. The Institute was founded in 1952 and officially began work in 1953.

Today we organize numerous activities in our Institute, such as: foreign language lessons for adults and Serbian for foreigners, extracurricular foreign language lessons for school and preschool aged children, enabling work staff for modern language teaching, estimating the proficiency levels in various foreign languages, research in applied linguistics and teaching methods and projects in those fields, textbooks and teaching materials, recording and copying audio and video materials.

The methods we use at our Institute comes as a direct results of many years of work by our experts. They are based on our own experience in foreign language teaching as well as relevant discoveries in the field of glottodidactics (theory of teaching) and applied linguistics in the broader sense.

We have developed specific teaching methods for adults and children of all levels of knowledge. Levels are carefully estimated according to the age and prior knowledge of the candidate and then supported with proper teaching materials: textbooks, exercise books, audio materials and teaching manuals.

Another important activity of our Institute also involves textbook, dictionary and CD publication. We have so far published around 670 titles in a total amount of 1 million copies.

During our years of work and tradition we have had and continue to have successful cooperation with eminent national and international companies and institutions. Our list of references includes many of our users with whom we have cooperated for years.

Around 30,000 foreign citizens have passed through our institute and studied Serbian.

We are especially proud of our workshops and classes such as our English drama class and musical workshops in various languages, as well as our cooperation with various preschool institutions, both private and state. Also, we offer various traveling options in educational tourism for children who have the opportunity to fall in love with a language and learn about its culture.

We are here for our clients and associates at all times, on their road to success.

What makes our Institute the right choice for you?

- 60 years of experience teaching foreign languages
- Over 100 graduated professors in various languages
- Over half a million students
- Over a million textbooks sold
- Our own methods, adjusted to our speech region
- Ensuring continuity in language studies
- Guaranteed success for our students
- Bonus lessons
- We are certified to issue internationally recognized proficiency tests: TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, PMI
- 20 locations in Belgrade

Why are we more than an ordinary language school?

In our children’s classes we:
- Encourage competitive values and issue offer valuable rewards: scholarships, visits to colleges in England
- Encourage children to discover and develop their talents – we have a journalist club and a drama class
- Enable the children to design their own projects and hold presentations
- Encourage children to actively participate in their own education and take responsibility for their work and success
- Offer bonus lessons
- Assist them in assembling their language portfolio and passport
- Organize summer school and camps in England and Serbia

In our classes for adults, we offer:
- Continuous studies for all ages
- A large selection of specialized and business courses
- A large selection of preparatory lessons for TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge exams, super/intensive courses that are adjusted to the needs of our students – bonus lessons – summer school and camp in English and Serbia.

And more:
- We form groups with optimal numbers of students
- We offer the possibility of lessons in shifts for school and university students
- We accept payments in installments  

Welcome to the foreign language institute Dobrodošli na Institut za strane jezike.

Foreign language Institute
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