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Useful information


"Tulumba" foreign language school is located in Belgrade at 94 Zrenjaninski road. The school is led by a graduated philologist with a master's degree in Turkish language and literature. We named our school after the famous sweet delicacy in both Serbia and Turkey which symbolizes the joining of Serbian and Turkish culture.

The "Divan of Tulumba Language Centre" originated as the result of nine years of work of our Tulumba centre for foreign language learning, reminiscent of the famous work "The Divan of Hafiz" written by the Persian poet Hafez Shirazi. In Turkish-Persian-Arab culture the word "Divan" (Persian دیوان, dīwān) is broadly used and synonymous with productivity and creativity, while for us, in an international context, it is associated with relaxed communication and inspiring socialization. In eastern culture, the word Divan signifies a collection of poems, writs or articles in the turkish language while in Serbian we have the Turkism "divaniti" which means to chat or talk. The word DIVAN and the years-old name of our school that comes from the Serbian Turkism TULUMBA came together into THE DIVAN OF TULUMBA, signifying a meeting place where linguistic and cultural competences develop and are practiced in a fun and inspirational atmosphere.

"Gather the pearls of real knowledge because nobody will take it from you. Jewels, gold and silver go from hand to hand. What you inherit or get you will also spend" - Persian saying.

The priority of our school is to employ educated and quality lecturers, graduated philologists and language professors. Our professors are motivated and dedicated to their calling.

Our brilliant and friendly lecturers are expecting you in our pleasant ambiance. With the help our professors we will help you easily master your chosen language and be fluent when communicating in it. Select the method and type of course according to your needs. Our friendly lecturers will happily help you learn the language and also more about the culture, tradition and history of its origin country.

We are proud of the fact that many of our students have chosen our "Tulumba" school thanks to recommendations they got from friends who were our former students. Our greatest success comes from our own successful students from all around Belgrade who went on to achieve notable results in various competitions, their professional life, studies or abroad. Come and see why we have been listed among the best for over 9 years.

"Language is the life of people and outside of it is only deathly silence. Language is the life force that binds not only one's culture but the existence of an entire people" Ivo Andric.

The school is open every day of the week and works in the morning, afternoon and evening, including weekends. This allows our applicants to attend their lessons at whatever time suit them the best.

Our offer includes all kinds of courses and individual lessons in English, Turkish, Italian, German, Norwegian, Arab, Persian, French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Albanian, Czech, Ukrainian, Dutch, Bulgarian, Serbian for foreigners and many other languages.

Choose between standard, conversational, specialized or intensive individual, semi-individual or group courses all adjusted to you and your needs.

"Bir dil bir insan, iki dil iki insan." (Türk Atasözü)

"Nulla lingua tam dificillis est quin disci possit." No language is so difficult it can't be learned.

We don't impose high academic knowledge standards to our applicants, but rather give them a chance to learn what they need. ANYONE can attend lessons at our school, regardless of their prior knowledge or age. In the goal of easier foreign language learning, the lessons take place in small groups (ranging from 2 to up to 8 participants), in an adequately furnished space and pleasant atmosphere that allows you to adequately learn the material.

We have at your disposal a modern teaching system and a rich and diverse curriculum. Education at our school is based on an all-inclusive approach where our goal is to master the four essential language skills - reading, writing, understanding and speech. Emphasis is placed on communication. During the lessons, our teachers encourage the applicants to actively participate in the lesson, have dialogues and discuss ongoing topics. The lessons focus on realistic language use because knowing a language means you should be able to speak it.

In addition to everything above, additional benefits our school offers include: learn using textbooks from renown global publishers, continuous support from your teachers, knowledge levels adjusted to the European council levels, free testing on enlistment, various rewards and CONSTANT PROMOTIONS for all our students throughout the year.

Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own. ‒Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The services we offer include: teaching and translation services (all kinds of written and spoken translations)

Languages: English, Turkish, Norwegian, Italian, German, Arab, Persian, French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, Greek, Albanian, Czech, Ukrainian, Dutch, Bulgarian, Serbian for foreigners and many others.

Levels: All levels (E, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Ages: preschool, school and adult.

Types of courses: regular, accelerated, conversational, specialized, individual, semi-individual and group courses and workshops.

The lessons take place at our school, but we can also hold them at your place and online.

Preparations for the following tests: entrance exam for the University of Philology, all Philology university tests (for all languages/study groups), Cambridge English and TOEFL exams (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL), TÖMER Turkish language exam, DELE Spanish language exam and Goethe German language Institute exam.

Our lessons take place throughout the day and week, including the weekends depending on the current lesson schedule.

"Quot linguas calles, tot homines vales." the number of languages you speak is the number of people you are worth

Our professors

Our team of lecturers at our language school included graduated foreign language professors with master's degrees from the University of Philology in Belgrade who have been with the "Tulumba" school since its very beginnings. We are very proud of the fact that we have been in business for over 9 years. All our professors were chosen based on their knowledge, responsibility and dedication to their work.

What sets us apart from others is our incredible dedication and professionalism in our work. Our applicants point out our professors' engagement and dedication to helping their students as our best feature as well as their motivation for high quality teaching both children and adults. Proof of this can be seen in exceptionally high results and passing percentage (around 90%) achieved by our applicant every year and many of them decide to come back to us for additional education because we earned their trust.

In addition to regular and conversational courses, our professors are trained to carry our specialized courses in our offer as well as working with preschoolers, grade schoolers, teenagers and adults both in groups and individually.

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