Furniture Belgrade

Address: 20/2 Branka Momirova st., Borca
Belgrade Phone: 064/612-3475, 011/6712-198, 011/6714-182

4.5/ 5stars

Keeping with the tradition of ancient times, work and create from the old - new product, adapting it to the wishes and needs of our clients. Changing and shaping, we keep the old values of oblivion, because every piece of furniture that others have produced, we'll make it last, investing both in its functional, and aesthetic value.

The production and warehouse area of over 500m2 in the street Branka Momirova 20/2 in Belgrade our professionally trained staff strives to quality services, meeting deadlines and popular prices respond to all customer requirements.

Precisely, using top quality restoration materials (fabric, leather, sponge ...) and selecting appropriate techniques, approaches to each case.
Trying to customer requirements are fully escorted, ideas implemented, constant innovation, from basic goal is never to depart, and to give the furniture a new shine and keep the essence and value of old times.

Whether you are chairs, sofas, two seater sofas or beds we can help in coating certain pieces, as well as in its stylization.
Using old furniture can make a modern, unique pieces that fit nicely in your living space.