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1. Construction works on the development and processing of basic geodetic networks: trigonometric, micro trigonometric, poly gonometric, polygon and line, precision, general and technical nlvelation. 2. Geodetic capture of the actual situation on the ground and Production of all types and scales of plans of the state survey of real estate cadastre, cadastre-topographic, topographical and situational plans for making urbane-technical documentation and design of analog and digital form. 3. Geodetic recording method of classical facades of buildings, terestrial and photogrammetric scanner processing and recording in analog and digital form in desired proportions 4. Auscultation facilities: Monitoring subsidence and displacement in three-dimensional koordlnatnom system (Y, X, H) data processing and display of state, analogue and digital
5. Geodetic works in the implementation of regulation and detailed urban plans and urban projects: the formation of building spots, development and issuance of regulation protocol, transmission - the marking of buildings and urban documentation protocol regulation. 6. Works and Operations in the maintenance of surveying and cadastre of real estate: the recording of buildings built with a construction permit for the registered Cadastre estates and estatae register book, buildings built without a building permit for filing the plan and Cadastre estate legalization, identification and restoration of boundaries of cadastral parcels, cadastral division of lots and other works. 7. Geodetic recording of all types of overhead and underground lines and facilities, creating a survey in analog and digital form, recording and implementing changes in line cadastre RGA and issuing certificates to the lines recorded. 8. All kinds of geodetic works for special needs not covered in previous sections
9. Making of geotechnical (geological, geomechanical) survey for the construction and upgrading.