Geodetic, geology Belgrade

Address: 42 Uciteljska st., Učiteljsko naselje
Belgrade Phone: 011/334-36-74, 064/124-50-35

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Geodetic Bureau Beta with more than 15 years experience in the private geodetic practice experienced engineers and modern equipment for you the following responsibilities:

* Jobs for which you can contact us:
- development katastasrsko-topographical plans
- Geodetic images of objects for legalization, registration
- delimitation of land plots
- establishment of building lots
- Design of the protocol control
- marking of building lots
- identification and monitoring of construction (labeling of axes and elevation)
- Take a facade
- alignment of mechanical equipment and structures
- recording and calculation of Cubic volume

* Development of a study required to obtain use permits:
- Confirmation of the ground control
- elaborate settlement of the building (rappers)
- drawing made objects in the cadastre
- take connections and underground utilities