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TP Geo- Masleša History

TP Geo- Maslesa in Belgrade started in business under this name in 1993. The continuing operation of commercial enterprises Veselin Maslesa from Sarajevo .


TP Veselin Maslesa from the beginning engaged in publishing , as well as import and export of various goods from abroad and our country .

So this company fifties as the first Yugoslavia imported surveying equipment from the Soviet Union . This type of equipment , Levels and theodolites , was the large size and quite cumbersome to wear on the field , because of its weight and bulky packaging for storage and transport .

After a while it began importing the equipment company MOM from Hungary , which was smaller , easier to carry and transport , convenient to work with it and more beautiful designs.


Already sixties, TP Veselin Maslesa began importing equipment company ZEISS from the former East Germany , which was later represented and imported Balkanija from Belgrade . Equipment company Zeiss , especially Levels and theodolites , was very practical, much smaller and very precise , with very good optics at what was known all over the world .

1962-63 . years in our market appeared surveying equipment company Wild and Kern of Switzerland, which was importing company Veselin Maslesa Sarajevo with offices in Belgrade. Wild firm later represented Unikomerc from Zagreb . This equipment was of excellent quality , both in terms of reliability and at a very good lens, especially the measurement accuracy and practicality for field work .

The largest industrial facilities and hydroelectric power plants in our country were built with the help of this type of equipment , which today is used in many businesses in our region.

The first electronic instrument DISTOMAT DI 10 WILD produced in the seventies and , of course , imported in our country and it is valid for the term techniques in measuring the digital way.

After the above-mentioned equipment company in our market appeared surveying equipment company AGA of Sweden , also of exceptional quality . From the program, the company AGA imported mainly electronic equipment - distomati in combination with Zeiss \'s theodolites .


From the above it is sad to see that the company Veselin Maslesa constantly promoted , and expanded its program osavremenjivalo surveying equipment . As a result of such professional work and careful selection of appropriate equipment for surveying in 1975. years in our market appeared and surveying equipment juices and the Japanese company known distomati Red Mini 2 Mini Red 3 , and later all other equipment , such as Total Stations , GPS devices and other modern equipment .

Almost all the above mentioned manufacturers of surveying equipment , eventually grew into a large corporation such as the Company and juices. It can be said that has been a big game all over the world in the production of high-quality modern electronic equipment .


Continuing the tradition of successful business companies in Belgrade Veselin Maslesa is very well operated until in 1993. , when he and many other companies have experienced another transformation and re-registered in TP Geo- Maslesa based in Belgrade , Nusiceva no. 3 At the same location and address where the Department of Geodesy and mechanic located the foundation , ie . than in 1953. year.

TP Geo- Maslesa still very successful . The importation and marketing of surveying and mechanic equipment , office supplies and all kinds of technical goods located in our market .

Trading company Geo- Maslesa does not import all types of vehicles independently , but specific product takes the consignment in our renowned importer and sells under the same conditions .

TP Geo- maslesa for many years has its own service repair surveying equipment . Always strive to be a quality service , quickly and professionally done, at an affordable price , in order to meet the needs of our valued customers.
In 1952. Emergence - the establishment

Trading company Veselin Maslesa was founded in 1952. in Sarajevo.

The company \'s name comes from the Writers\' Veselin maslese who disappeared during World War II , during the fifth offensive Tjentište and Sutjesci and who was never known how he disappeared .
In 1953. Office in Belgrade

Since its inception TP Veselin Maslesa had an office in almost all cities of the former Yugoslavia .

One of the first representations TP Veselin Maslesa was founded already in 1953. in Belgrade , at the Nusiceva Street. 6

Belgrade branch operated for years the most successful among all Veselin Maslese representative offices throughout the country .

In 1974. The emergence of the Belgrade company

After various transformations that are happening in our economy and our companies , in 1974. The representative office of TP Veselin Maslesa in Belgrade is separated from the parent company in Sarajevo and Belgrade became the company \" Veselin Maslesa .\"
In 1993. Trading company Geo- Maslesa

Belgrade-based company Veselin Maslesa re-registered in TP Geo- Maslesa .

Geo- Maslesa operates in the same location and address where the Department of Geodesy and mechanic located the foundation , ie . than in 1953. year.