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Address: 10 Kumanovska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2443-093, 3446-906, 3446-907, 062/491-805

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Copy Studio proudly introduces our company which we built and developed on constructive ideas and constant investments, making it one of the leading companies in the area of DIGITAL PRINTING AND COPYING as well as many other accompanying services.
With our quality and BEST PRICES we have managed to establish cooperation with a huge number of students around Belgrade, many companies and project bureaus. We allow our students an additional 15% discount to all our services.

All you need to do is visit us and become a member for free in order to join our student family with whom we've cooperated for years. Our cooperation continues past their studies as well. Why DIGITAL? Digital printing as a young and revolutionary technology enables us to achieve the desired results in the shortest time.

When the file is processed in our software it is immediately sent to the machine an the print is done in under a minute. The advantage of digital printing compared to offset is that we can do very small amounts, from one print and up.
We allow you to choose from a huge number of materials and guarantee high quality.

- Digital monochrome and color copying
- Plotting - printing large formats and line drawings as well as posters in color
- Packaging projects with voucher inlaying
- Laser printing
- Scanning and lamination of all formats
- Soft and hard binding, wire or plastic spiral binding
- Graphical design and printing preparation
- Window display branding
- Printing t-shirts, cups, puzzles, pillow cases, stuffed toys and various other ready-made products
- Caching posters in cardboard foam, forex and other materials
- Carting flex, flox and display PVC foil
- Printing foils resistant to outside influences
- Printing covers, canvases, perforated or transparent mat and glossy foil using a Latex printer - 100% environment friendly dyes
- Calling cards, wedding envelopes, wedding and birthday celebrations using high quality printed paper
- Recycling laser printer cartridges
- Selling and servicing printers

- Banners
- Branded promotional stands
- Frames
- Poster holders and straps
- Wall stickers
- A-boards, T-boards, information boards
- Calendars
- Catalogs
- Binders
- Calling cards
- Price lists
- ID program (ID cards)
- Wedding invitations