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Address: 21 Petra Martinovića st., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 069/2255-426, 064/4843-566

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Our exercise philosophy is aimed above all towards development and preservation of health. Through the specific system of CoreFit functional training we acheive balance between spirit and body. The basis of all trainings, regardless of our end goals is aimed towards strengthening the spinal CORE. By using the basic functional motion patterns such as pushing, pulling, rotating and lifting, we teach you to use your entire body in the form of a kinetic chain. This makes you more efficient and capable in real life. Our training offers energy, strength, mobility, endurance, stability and flexibility  which you need to handle everyday obligations. CoreFit training will make sure you fulfill your goals and improve your gain in a controlled way.

Why are we different?

We are fully dedicated to each of our exercisers. Even after the training is over, we don't stop working out with you. We continue to motivate you, maintain responsibility and move together to our common goal which is a healthier lifestyle.

We are dedicated to the goal of giving every client the perfect quality of services and when you come to the CoreFit studio we hope you will feel the warm, pleasant and comfy surroundings we aim to create.


We are waiting for you!

CoreFit team.