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Address: 3 Spasenoviceva st., Zarkovo
Belgrade Phone: 060/3330-513

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Fit Arena Gym in Cukarica has been working successfully for many years in order to make exercise a happy and desired activity that will make your life filled anew with positive energy. Based on the fact how much physical activity is important for a healthy life, as well as raising the quality of life in general, gym Fit Arena offers optimum conditions for the exercise and achieve maximum results with the help of modern equipment and supervision of professional trainers.

Bright, spacious and ventilated space our gym is designed to provide you with us will be comfortable and inspiring exercise. Thanks to the most modern ventilation system, air conditioning and the air that gives a feeling of freshness, regardless of the number of trainees in the hall we have the optimum conditions for training, flying, and winter.

Fit Arena Gym is equipped with the highest quality cardio line in the city, with that exercise becomes a real pleasure. All equipment is designed to provide you with the most effective exercise to achieve the desired results.
In a pleasant and modern interior, our gym we have specially designed programs, under the expert supervision of trainers:
- Free practice
- Individual training
- Guided training (fitness program)

Every day our members can get help from educated trainers with years of experience and license the competent branch of the National Alliance - Alliance for Recreation and Fitness Serbia that will give you all the necessary advice on the correct way to exercise and to achieve maximum results.

Group training is the best way to design your perfect body because include the work of all muscle groups. For all those who want to tighten your body in the right way, we offer a complete cardio program and trainers for successful cardio workout. If you prefer to exercise alone, we recommend personal training under the supervision of our professional trainers with years of experience.
Modern exercise equipment of leading world producers, ideal conditions for training, as well as the watchful eye of our professional trainers who are available at all times, not only contribute to your better shape and physical appearance, but also a healthier lifestyle. Visit us and enjoy complete service at the highest level at an affordable price.

Working time:
Monday - Friday from 10-23h
weekend from 09-21h
Contact Information:
adr: Spasenovićeva 3
mob: 060/333 05 13
Fit Arena Gym, Čukarica, Beograd.