Gyms, fitness Belgrade

Address: 20 Dusana Vlajica st., Zarkovo
Belgrade Phone: 062/788-671

4.5/ 5stars

The Good Life Gym is located at 20 Dusana Vlajica street (corner of Vodovodska and Dusana Vlajica) in Zarkovo. We have existed since 15.09.2011., in our space of 350m2.

Under the supervision of educated coaches who can fulfill your wishes at any time, GLF is adjusted to professional and recreational sports activities.

- Individual exercises: unlimited monthly exercising
- Guided training: working with professional coach supervision, one coach in charge of smaller groups (3-5) so that every exerciser can observe demonstrations and be corrected while working
- Professional trainings: client and coach work in one on one sessions, following a program specially adjusted to the client's needs, whether it comes to body weight regulation or some manner of conditioning. This includes working on Kinesis devices and Power Plates.
- Group programs of various intensities: cardio, strength, abs, gluteus, power strength, yoga and cardiopilates.

In addition to the gym and group program hall, we also have a Spa zone, dry and moist sauna and massages so in short GLF is intended for all those who have decided to achieve a harmony in body and spirit.

Working hours:
- Mon-Fri: 8AM - 10PM
- Sat-Sun: 9AM - 7PM