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What is 4D ultrasound?

This is the four-dimensional ultrasound of your unborn child. What does this mean? It is a direct insight of what is happening inside of the womb, a 'live' transmission of the baby's behavior. It is a direct window into the pre-birth world of your cild.

Why 4D?

Because it offers so much more than just a picture.

It helps us confirm the normalcy of the child's development during a high-risk pregnancy as well as early detection of eventual abnormalities. Extremities and the face are usually the first indivators of unexpected abnormalities which can but don't have to be genetic. Their fascinating display on a 4D ultrasound allows for no mistake making this form of examination far superior to traditional ones.

There is nothing more magical than a pregnancy and delivering a new life to the world. Anticipation of this event is one of the most exciting times in anyone's life and for all those wondering what it is like for their unborn child, they can see for themselves directly!