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Address: 123 Bulevar Mihajla Pupina st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/3018-499, 063/241-937
E-mail: dugmex@gmail.com
Website: www.dugmex.co.rs

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Enterprises DUGMEX, consisting of wholesale and retail trade, was established in 1992 as a factory for the production of buttons and fashion for special purposes (military, police, labor safety program). Through our production and import of certain types of goods we have achieved that in one place can satisfy every production and specialized in trade with extra material in textile production.

- Production DUGMEX

The production plant is located in ODZACI, 135 km northwest of Belgrade. On an area of over 400 m² there are located machines for manufacturing polyester buttons with a monthly output of 700,000 pieces.

We can be proud of high quality buttons, over 40,000 products with a wide range of colors. Buttons are resistant to all kinds of chemicals and washing. In addition to polyester buttons are available molded buttons, all kinds of buckles and earrings (PVC) and hangers.

Thanks to the high productivity and production capacity, we are able to satisfy the most demanding customers in terms of quality and delivery deadlines.

- Wholesale and retail sale DUGMEX

We are located in the Boulevard of Mihajlo Pupin 123 in Belgrade and offer a wide range of buttons for various models and colors. With the opening of our new plant in Odzaci we have created opportunities for our customers by making the buttons sample passed as soon as possible. By combining the expertise and knowledge we bring to the market confirms the quality and safety which provides us a leading position in the distribution of buttons. Our quality is confirmed by constantly increasing the supply of quality goods of world renowned manufacturers with whom we have excellent cooperation.

We offer various types of buttons:

- Buttons for the fashion industry
- Pendant
- Buttons for suits for men
- Buttons for uniforms
- Buttons for coats
- Ready-made buttons
- Buttons for business suits
- Decorative buttons
- Buttons Bags
- Buttons for linens
- Buttons for coats
- Button molds
- Buttons Claw
- Buttons with a nail
- Buttons with pop-threading

In addition, also in our offer content and support material in textile production:

- Threads
- Materials
- Zippers
- Setup
- Pockets
- Sticky cloth
- Fiselin

Contact Information:

Address: Bul. 123 Mihajlo Pupin Serbia - 11070 New Belgrade
Phone / fax - (++ 381) (011) 499 3018
Mob: 063/241 937

dugmex@gmail.com ">e-mail: dugmex@gmail.com

www.dugmex.co.yu">Website: www.dugmex.co.yu