Hairdressers Belgrade

Address: 30 Koce Kapetana st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 066/9080-514

4/ 5stars

Hair styling salon Dejan Misic is located in Vracar, at 30 Koce Kapetana in Belgrade.

Our hair styling salon Dejan Misic has years of tradition in its line of work. Once located in Obilic venac and today in Vracar, we continue to offer our clients the best quality while keeping up with the latest world trends.

We offer the following services:

- Hair styling for men and women
- Hair coloring and re-coloring
- Highlights
- Latest highlighting technique
- Blow drying, braiding
- Permanent keratin straightening - BRASIL CACAU
- Keratin packages and treatment
- Children's hair styling
- Manicure (strengthening natural nails, gel polish, nail polishing)

Years of cooperation with SUBTIL DUCASTEL (a French house) has proven to be the best solution for hair care and beauty so that we can ensure the health and beauty of your hair throughout the dyeing process.

Because we exchange knowledge with our colleagues around the world, we are in touch with the latest developments in beauty care every single day and that helps us continuously advance. We also have a very amicable approach to our customer service which has become our trademark feature.