Hairdressers Belgrade

Address: Cumicevo sokace st., local 22, Centar
Belgrade Phone: 011/3238-449, 064/6860-477

4.5/ 5stars

Royal Hair Factory is a center for hair where you can buy the highest quality natural hair.

We are engaged in retail sale of natural hair, handmade tufts of hair on the ranking very high quality keratin, as well as the supply of many hair salons that offer hair extension service.

Royal Hairdresser Hair Factory is located in Cumicevo alley, on the ground floor next to the fountain, ext 22. Visit us and see the great selection of natural hair in the tail in all lengths among which you can find hair that is most similar to the structure your own.

In the hair salon Royal Hair Factory, you can upgrade your hair or make hair inserts according to your preferences and dimensions.

Hair extension can only have a couple hours long, shiny and lush hair, or you can just add to the existing length density and volume.

With our hair can finally have the style you've always wanted!